August 3, 2021

10 movies to celebrate LGBTIQ + pride day

And most importantly, Matthias (2020)

Two childhood friends kiss as part of filming a college short film. After the kiss, both begin to wonder what their true sexual preferences are, which endangers the stability of their social ties.

Get Real (1998)

British film about what it means to come out of the closet in a high school. Steven Carter, the protagonist, is gay, and he has known it for years, and he has a crush on John. The problem is that their friendship will awaken grudges and harassment situations that continue to be valid to this day.

Call Me By Your Name (2018)

What to write about this movie that hasn’t already been written? Based on a novel by AndrĂ© Aciman, the story of Elio and Oliver is a romance that, regardless of our sexualities, we have all lived in one way or another. The father’s final speech is also a soliloquy of reflections for conservative families.

Transamerica (2005)

Felicity Huffman plays a transgender mother who tries to guide her son down a path deeper than the highway of life. A topic not so visible in those days, today more current than ever.

My Own Private Idaho (1991)

Film that elevated River Phoenix to the status of a myth, and that marked an entire generation at a time when the closest Hollywood had come to showing homosexuality in film was Al Pacino’s thriller, ‘Cruising’. The strange romance between the two protagonists is charged with melancholy and sadness.

Moonlight (2017)

Winner of the Oscar for Best Picture, it reveals in a leading way, the story of an African-American homosexual character. Exciting on a human level, and on a learning level.

Imaginary Loves (2010)

One of the key works to understand the filmography of the Canadian director Xavier Dolan. In this fable, two friends in love with the same man works perfectly, not only on a story level, but also aesthetically. A cinematographic opera that reflects in a masterful way, this love story.

Philadelphia (1993)

A man with HIV is separated from the law firm where he works due to his condition, the character of Tom Hanks hires a homophobic lawyer, Denzel Washington, as the sole defender for wrongful termination.

The Birdcage (1996)

Two homosexual men, in St. Tropez, get into drama when the son of one of them, announces that he is getting married. Faced with such a statement, they try to hide their peculiar lifestyle.

The Life of Adele (2014)

One of the first lesbian romances that showed deep and very sexual scenes on the big screen. It became the reveal in the year it was released, and it showed us why blue is the warmest color (which yes, it came out of a comic).