25 years after its premiere, how are the actors of “Matilda”

25 years after its premiere, how are the actors of “Matilda”

There is nothing scarier than an adult in the literature of Rohal Dahl. As if maturity only exacerbates miseries, older antagonists are often selfish, ruthless, rude, and obnoxious. Life for these unhappy characters has only one incentive: to terrify the children who cross their path. And although he has presented a candy factory with rivers of chocolate, the writer He never sweetened the wickedness of the grown-ups or the revenge of the boys. A style that drew criticism, but also captured entire generations.

One of the classics of his authorship that strictly complies with these characteristics is Matilda, a story that did not lose its essence when it was adapted to the big screen. To maintain a certain political incorrectness, the actor and director Danny DeVito she fought since the genesis of the project: it was one of her daughter’s favorite books and she would never have forgiven herself if she did not respect the original material. Thus, was that stood up to producers demanding to reduce cruelty of many scenes. And he was victorious.

Twenty-five years after its release, the film proved that the filmmaker was right: the boys should not be underestimated. His characters were burned into pop culture and there are fans who can tell his lines from memory. But even if they remain intact in the popular imagination, the actors who played them inevitably are no longer the same. For this reason, a review of the protagonists and a journey through their career after their appearance in this ninth classic.

Mara Wilson – Matilda

Thanks to the role of a misunderstood babe who has telekinetic powers and a devotion to reading, the actress confirmed herself as a premature movie star. Those flashes were contrasted with the drama that he experienced before the film was released: his mother died of breast cancer. Although he tried to stay in the industry, none production offered him characters that would break with the image of a charming babe. And just as the ascent was resounding, so was the fall.

From a distance, Wilson came to an irrefutable conclusion: Hollywood never knew how to treat prodigies. A theory that he developed in his memoirs Where I am now as well as during his participation in the documentary Showbiz Kids. Although he seeks to dedicate himself exclusively to journalism or literature, he did not definitively say goodbye to the industry: his voice could be heard in animated productions such as BoJack Horseman and Big Hero 6.

Mara Wilson assures that she did not receive containment from the industry when she no longer found the profile of ‘tender babe’. (Photo: TriStar Pictures – Instagram / marawilson)

Rhea Perlman – Mrs. Wormwood

In the same way that it happens in fiction, Rhea is married to Danny DeVito in real life. Although they had brief separations in between, they have been together since the late 70s. For those who grew up in the 80s, she will always be the grumpy wench of CheersBut he has never stopped appearing in interesting comedies. His is humor and his recent appearances in Go Goldberg and Me and My Grandma they show it. Of course, the industry takes advantage of his unmistakable voice in animated productions such as Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Harley Queen.

Rhea always excelled in comedy. (Photo: TriStar Pictures / Instagram / perlmonster)

Mr. Wormwood – Danny DeVito

Despite not starring in blockbusters like in the 80s and 90s, DeVito is still a magnetic figure. His talent for black humor continues to emerge in comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a cult series that has a loyal audience since 2005 to date. In the cinema recently he had the pleasure of being under the orders of his friend Tim Burton again in Dumbo and had a supporting but charming role in Jumanji: Next Level.

At 76, Danny is very active in Hollywood. (Forum: TriStar Pictures – Instagram / alwayssunnyfxx)

Brian Levinson – Michael Wormwood

His film career was very short: a supporting role in Predator 2 and a brief appearance in Seinfeld. The truth is that he will always be remembered as the favorite son of the Wormwoods. He had only one function in the story and he fulfilled it perfectly: to be in the antipodes of Matilda, an intelligent and sentimental babe. Today he is dedicated to organizing parties in San Diego, California, and is a fan of memes; issues that he makes very clear on his Instagram profile.

In the late 1990s, Levinson decided to quit acting. (Photo: TriStar Pictures – Instagram / brian_levinson)

Pam Ferris – Agatha Tronchatoro

As a school principal, Ferris is still creepy. Intimidating and evil, she continues to cause dread 25 years later. Sadly, she got a bit stigmatized in this role, as she made clear her portrayal of Aunt Marjorie Dursley in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In recent years she could be seen in the series Urban Myths and in the movies Tolkien and Holmes & Watson.

(Foto: TriStar Pictures / Fox Searchlight)

Embeth Davidtz – Miss Honey

Not only is she the tender and sweet teacher who eases the life of her favorite student, Davidtz has a very long history. She had a brief role as the mother of Peter Parker himself in The amazing Spiderman and its respective sequel, but also gained prominence in the series In therapy and Californication. Among his latest works is Grey’s Anatomy and Weather, the next film by M. Night Shyamalan.

(Photo: TriStar Pictures – Instagram / EmbethDavidtz)

Kiami Davael – Lavender Brown

After welcoming Matilda to the Crunchem Hall school, it looked like she would take up acting. However, after participating in some programs such as Moesha and The Steve Harvey Show, decided to end her acting career. What interests him most happens behind the scenes, as he trained to be a screenwriter. In addition, she is a model and has a podcast titled “Long live Lavender.”

(Foto: TriStar Pictures – instagram / officialkiamidavael)

Jimmy Karz – Bruce Bogtrotter

He managed to get the spectators into his pocket when he gathered his strength and devoured a huge chocolate cake. Then I would participate in ER Emergencies and The Wedding Singer. Despite this more than interesting start in the world of cinema, his professional life took a very different course: first as a producer for the MTV signal and later as a medical student. Today he works as a research assistant and tutor.

(Photo: TriStar Pictures – Instagram / jimmyKarz)

Jacqueline Steiger – Amanda Thripp

She was only 10 years old when the evil Tronchatoro grabbed her braids and sent her flying. After that experience, the next project where he participated was Dennis the Mischievous – Whoever Can Save Him where she got a lot of prominence in the role of Margaret. But that would be his last relevant role. In his Instagram profile, he clarifies: withdrawal from the performance. He studied linguistics, anthropology, and early childhood development, among other specialties. He has his own consulting firm.

(Foto: TriStar Pictures – Instagram / crackerjackjs)


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25 years after its premiere, how are the actors of “Matilda”