Adam Sandler. Ihop waitress is surprised that she turned him down; viral video

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Remember the time actor Adam Sandler was rejected by an Ihop waitress for not giving him a spot? A few weeks ago this case went viral on TikTok. However, due to the uproar he caused on social networks, the comedy film actor returned to the restaurant and even lived with the waitress. In addition, he clarified the real reason why the actor left the place. We tell you how the emotional reunion was.

It was through the social networks of the waitress where it was evidenced that the actor Adam Sandler went back to the restaurant and they even took some pictures together. Did the actor tell why he left last time? This time the waitress did recognize him?

Actor Adam Sandler returned to the pancake restaurant, Ihop, as he found out there was a promotion called “shake monday”, which sought to raise money for a foundation. So the famous did not hesitate and attended the event. That’s how he found the waitress who went viral for not offering her a place in the past.

Apparently between the actor and the waitress there is no problem that they even took pictures together. The young woman explained that this had been the best day of her life.

The day the waitress didn’t notice and didn’t make room for Adam Sandler

It was at the end of April this year when Dayanna Rodas, a TikTok user, shared the moment when Adam Sandler went to the hotcake restaurant, Ihop, to have breakfast with his daughter; However, the young woman from the social network told her that she will have to wait at least 30 minutes to have a table, since the place was full.

“Without realizing it was Adam Sandler and telling him that he would have to wait 30 minutes and tell me that he is leaving because he will not wait 30 minutes for Ihop”, wrote in the video.

In the TikTok video, the young Dayanna Rodas appears with a filter where colored shadows begin to appear around your eyes, mouth and nose, with the background of a song called “Be a Clown”, which has been in trend in the last few days to expose something that could have embarrassed you or that you just looked like a clown.

The video accumulated more than 2 million likes and has been seen by more than 9 million users of this social network, it has been shared more than 20 thousand times and has more than 16 thousand comments on the publication.

“The Most Humble Man in America, Adam Sandler”; “How is it that he did not realize if he even wears the costumes from the movies he was in”, it was mentioned in the more than 16 thousand comments that were collected in the publication.

Days after the video went viral on TikTok, the actor explained to through Twitter who decided to withdraw not because of the lack of space but because the promotion of “all you can eat” it did not apply with milkshakes.

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Adam Sandler. Ihop waitress is surprised that she turned him down; viral video