Chris Pratt finds it increasingly difficult for Hollywood to bet on something new | The USA Newspaper

Frame provided by Paramount Pictures where actor Chris Pratt appears as Dan Forester, during a scene from the movie “The Tomorrow War” that opens on Amazon this Friday. EFE / Frank Masi / Paramount Pictures /

The Angels, (EFE News) .- Chris Pratt has stopped facing dinosaurs from “Jurassic World” and fighting alongside Marvel superheroes to fight aliens in “The war of tomorrow,” a superproduction that caught the actor’s attention because it was a completely original story.

“Sometimes people write to me on social media and say ‘why does everything have to be a sequel or based on a comic, why can’t we have something original?’ And this film is not based on a toy brand or something like that, it is completely new, “explained Pratt in an interview with Efe.

In “Tomorrow’s War,” which premieres on Amazon this Friday, Pratt plays a high school teacher named Dan who enlists in the Army to travel to the future to the year 2051, when Earth is being invaded by a group of aliens. that the population cannot eradicate.

Dan will meet his father James (JK Simmons) and a military scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) with the goal of rewriting the fate of humanity.

The film, which combines the war genre with science fiction, was one of the great bets of Paramount Studios. Although, after several delays due to the pandemic, they sold the rights to Amazon for an estimated 200 million dollars (about 168 million euros at the current exchange rate), numbers that currently only handle sagas such as Fast & Furious or Star Wars .

“It is a movie with a big budget. Original films are usually made on a lower budget because building an audience takes time and studios are not comfortable with those magnitudes, ”said Pratt.

The actor knows well how Hollywood works in recent years: he is one of the main faces of two of the most profitable franchises in cinema, Universal’s Jurassic World and Disney’s Marvel.

“The studies work with an algorithm that determines what will be the best return on investment and that is based on the scope. You can make a film based on a well-known brand, which you already automatically have an audience, ”he reasoned.

Therefore, he decided that the best opportunity to debut as a producer (as well as a lead) was to present something new to the public.


The novelty was not the only thing that convinced Pratt to join a film that he describes as a “visual spectacle” with a lot of “heart and humor.”

Pratt, who already demonstrated his talent for humor in “Parks and Recreation,” has surrounded himself with a cast seasoned in comedy such as Sam Richardson (“Veep”), Mary Lynn Rajskub (“Mr Show’s”) and Mike Mitchell (“ The Birthday Boys ”).

The actor also incorporated elements that would make the script written by Zach Dean closer, such as the protagonist’s relationship with his father and daughter, the main reason he embarks on the mission.

And to the comic and dramatic aspects is added the action.

Pratt and the director of “Tomorrow’s War”, Chris McKay (“Batman: The LEGO Movie”), rejected the use of chroma and decided to shoot in real locations such as oil rigs or glaciers in Iceland, where they installed a crane to record fight scenes.

“We are proud of the result and we want people to see it,” said the actor.


After the premiere of this bet on science fiction, Pratt is preparing for 2022 in which he will return to the multi-million dollar sagas with “Jurassic World 3” and “Thor: Love and Thunder”, although he is determined to continue adding projects in his facet producer.

“I have had the advantage of slowly building up a twenty-year career and in doing so I have seen a lot of people rise to the top and how it affected them, positively and negatively,” he explained.

“So I decided that, when I had a high position, I would not let anyone have a bad attitude. Because garbage falls down the hill; If the one upstairs is an idiot, he makes everyone treat each other like that. And it is very unpleasant to be five or six months in a production where everyone has a miserable attitude, “he concluded.

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Chris Pratt finds it increasingly difficult for Hollywood to bet on something new | The USA Newspaper