European public channels under debate at Conecta FICTION

European public channels under debate at Conecta FICTION

Amalia Martínez de Velasco, content director of RTVE, will be one of the participants in the round table “European public channels: How to be relevant in a highly competitive environment”, which will be seen on September 13 at the co-production forum.

Inside Content, organized by Conecta FICTION, and Prensario International, creator of Virtual Screenings Worldwide (VSWW), have signed a strategic alliance to promote their meetings globally through the co-production of the panel “European public channels: How to be relevant in a highly competitive environment ”, which will be available on the digital platform of each event.

With a scheduled premiere on September 13 in Connect FICTION and on the 23rd of the same month in VSWW, the panel brings together four of the main public broadcasters in Europe who discuss the timing of their local markets and, above all, how they carry out projects in a context of strong competition imposed by the new OTTs majors in the old continent.

Moderated by Geraldine gonard, director of Conecta FICTION, the round table features Maria Pia Admire yourself, Head of Drama, Rai Fiction (Italy), Simone Emmelius, SVP International Fiction – Coproduction & Acquisition, ZDF (Germany), Manuel Alduy, Head of Cinema and International Development, France Televisions (France), and Amalia Martínez de Velasco, Head of General Content, RTVE (Spain).

Formed in May 2018 during Series Mania, the first three pubcasters are part of the European alliance, a binding cooperation platform that has generated five high-budget series. The first of it was Mirage, an ambitious $ 3 million per episode spy and intrigue thriller starring Marie-Josee Croze (Jack Ryan) y Clive Stands (Vikings), produced by Lincoln TV (France) and Connect3 Media (Canada) for France 2 (France), ZDF (Germany), Bell Media and Superchannel (Canada).
Other projects are the adaptation of the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days (France Televisions, ZDF, Rai, Seven West Media, Slim Film + Television, Federation Entertainment y 247 Films.), la serie de misterio Survivors (RAI Fiction, France Télévisions, ZDF, Rodeo Drive, Cinétévé) and a series about Leonardo da Vinci called Leonardo (Lux Vide, Big Light Productions, Rai, Sony, France Télévisions, RTVE y Alfresco Pictures).

In the case of RTVE, the Spanish Corporation has been betting on high-quality fiction for years while it has increased its digital strategy, forming and launching new local and international OTTs through alliances with players of all kinds. At the local level, he launched RTVE Play and has Playz for the youngest.

In a context of large OTT launches in Europe, traditional public media groups are teaming up and planning joint projects to compete. ‘In Europe all public channels have the same objective: we must collaborate more. The Alliance is a response to high competition and although each one of us keeps local rights, we seek that production has an impact on the global market, ‘he commented. Alduy from France TV who also highlighted as a great bet the idea of ​​presenting the option of a “first look” on La Alianza projects to other European channels integrated in EBU.

About five series have been produced so far, but there are 15-20 projects in development. Arround the World in 80 Days, led by France TV and which will air next Christmas, It represents the European heritage and our common culture, ‘added ZDF’s Emmelius. The Alliance is a flexible way to commit to projects and we do not necessarily have an obligation. We believe in this creative partnership, ‘he added. Admire de Rai.

As for RTVE, Martinez de Velasco concluded that the great challenges facing public television at this time is really knowing what the audience wants to consume, when and how. “The challenge is to be able to offer that content and be relevant”, a point of agreement with Alduy from France TV who also added that “one of the greatest challenges is to attract a younger audience without neglecting the traditional audience of public television.”

This panel can be followed as part of the programming of Connect FICTION on Monday, September 13 and will be part of the content offered on September 23 through Virtual Screenings Worldwide.

Access to the panel will be under registration and through the website of either event and


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