Films have added more than 70 Paramount Pictures classics to their catalog

Films have added more than 70 Paramount Pictures classics to their catalog

of the movie, the Spanish platform of streaming most important in terms of catalog and quality, with one of the most cared bookstores in terms of cinema and classic series, has announced an important addition to its portal. Thanks to agreement achieved with the prestigious study Paramount Pictures, and from today great masterpieces of the Seventh Art and works such as My Fair Lady, the trilogy of The Godfather, Chinatown or The Secret of the Pyramid. We are talking about key films within the filmography of their respective directors, as well as films that, to date, were not available on almost any platform. You can take a look at the subscriptions available from 7.99 euros per month.

Filmin expands the filmographies of some of the key directors in film history

In this way, Filmin expand the filmographies of some of the key directors in the history of cinema such as Billy Wilder who adds films such as Twilight of the Gods, Traitor in Hell, The Great Carnival, Sabrina, Alfred Hitchcock (Catch a thief), John Ford (The Man Who Killed Liberty Valance), Howard Hawks (Danger), Roman PolanskiThe Devil’s Seed, The Chimerical Tenant, Chinatown), Terrence Malick (Days of heaven) the Paul Thomas Anderson (Sidney), something that completists and fans of film marathons fall in love with.

The portal has confirmed that it will start cycles dedicated to actors and actresses as Audrey Hepbrun (My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday, A Face with Angel), Robert Redfort (Barefoot in the Park, The Great Gatsby and Ordinary People), Paul Newman (Skin), Jack Lemmon (Outsiders in New York, The Odd Couple and Saving the Tiger for which he won the Oscar), or Meryl Streep with Jack Nicholson (The cake’s over, Iron Stem). To this luxury list are added icons of the 80s such as American Gigolo, Saturday Night Fever and its direct sequel Staying Alive.

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Also thrillers Fatal Attraction, Marathon Man, The Untouchables of Elliott Ness or Escape from Alcatraz, among many others. Likewise, the great romances in the history of cinema (Love Story, Paper Moon, A Place in the Sun), the great comedies (Among crooks is the game, Top Secret and Dreams of a seducer) or legendary teen movies like The girl in pink, All in one day, Clueless, Election, Explorers or The secret of the pyramid. As a final culmination, it is confirmed that it reaches Filmin The Godfather, Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone, Francis Ford Coppola’s new cut of the last part of the most famous saga in the history of cinema, which we discussed in Vandal Random a few months ago.

These changes, as explained Jaume Ripoll Vaquer, co-founder of Filmin and responsible for additions in the form of films or series to the platform, shows that you have to take care of the catalog and give viewers quality and not quantity. “I know it’s wrong for me to say it, but on a day like today I wanted to vindicate it, celebrate it and share it. It’s Filmin, it’s not content”, he explained on his Twitter profile. It should be noted that all the films will be available in high definition in Spanish and in the original version with subtitles, only for Filmin subscribers. Following this agreement and those reached with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal y Sony Pictures, Filmin continues to strengthen its commitment to quality cinema in the field of streaming. It’s something that directors like Martin Scorsese have long championed.


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