Fitbit and Will Smith team up to prioritize health

Actor, producer and musician Will Smith joins the Fitbit family as a new ambassador and as part of the strategic partnership, Fitbit and Will Smith have teamed up to create exclusive content on social media, Fitbit Premium and the upcoming YouTube Originals documentary series, “Best Shape of My Life ”.

A Premium Approach

To help you rebuild and redefine your routine, Fitbit and Will Smith have partnered to develop exclusive content within Fitbit Premium, which will feature a variety of health and wellness programs that focus on the physical and mental aspects of strength that define better health today. Through video sessions with Will Smith and his training team, Premium members can join this journey through workouts, mindfulness sessions, and more with everything from HIIT and strength training, to yoga and meditation.

The first session, which will launch on September 27, is designed to set the tone for your day with inspiring and accessible training with Will and his coaches. Not only will this content offer a glimpse into Will’s own journey, it will also conveniently fit into your daily routine, anytime, anywhere. The program will expand over the next few months and joins the library of more than 500 mindfulness workouts and sessions that are already available to Premium members.

Get in the best shape of your life with Will Smith

For the past year, Will, like many of us, struggled with a lack of a regular routine, including his very public admission that he was in “the worst shape of (his) life.” Now, as he rebuilds his regimen, he has documented his personal journey and progress along the way. As a Fitbit user, Will has recently been using Charge 4 to help him get in better shape and redefine his health and wellness goals, tracking everything from calories burned, activity and exercise, and daily steps counted.

Debuting later this fall on his YouTube channel, YouTube Originals’ six-part documentary series “Best Shape Of My Life,” produced by Westbrook Media, will chronicle Will’s journey as he challenges himself to improve all the aspects of your health and well-being, with special guests along the way. Throughout the series, you’ll use Fitbit to help you redefine your health and wellness goals, tracking everything from calories burned, activity and exercise, and daily step count, while finding more time for focus. full and improves your sleep

Fitbit will appear throughout your journey, so stay tuned for more information on how you’re using all the great new holistic health tools on your new Charge 5, too.

Will Smith

You can join Will’s journey to better health with a Fitbit Premium membership, and be sure to follow Fitbit for even more behind-the-scenes looks in the coming months.

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Fitbit and Will Smith team up to prioritize health