Marvel would be looking for Chris Evans for Captain America 4 | Spoiler

After the premiere of Avengers: endgame In 2019, phase three of Marvel culminated and, that was what started a new era in which personalities like Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans they said goodbye to the study. So much so that, with the premiere of WandaVision On Disney +, the legendary superheroes were left behind and many of the former secondary members of the franchise now have exclusive prominence.

Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans said goodbye to Marvel. Photo: (Getty)

Yet even as the years go by, true MCU fans still can’t get over both the death of Iron Man and the physical disappearance of Steve Rogers. Although, everything got worse when the character of Chris Evans was replaced by a new Captain America in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, a series that also premiered on Disney + and generated great controversy worldwide.

Beyond the success of the miniseries, many fans also complained about the fact that there is a new sentinel of freedom. From 2011 until his farewell in 2019 he was Chris Evans the only bearer of Captain America’s shield and, in fact, with this he became one of the legendaries of the largest studio in Hollywood.

Chris Evans is still the favorite Captain America.  Photo: (IMDB)

Chris Evans is still the favorite Captain America. Photo: (IMDB)

It is for this same reason that, despite the fact that it has not been part of any Marvel work for a long time, the faithful of the real Steve Rogers, that is, Evans, are still excited about his return. On more than one occasion it was the same actor who denied possible appearances, especially when it was speculated that he could make a cameo in the film of Black Widow.

However, now the rumors have been reactivated and all for one reason only: the end of the season of Loki, which opens up infinite possibilities including a possible return of characters who have already made their way through the saga. According to various theories, it would be in Captain america 4, which will star Anthony Mackie, where the long-awaited moment would be given to see Chris again in his iconic blue suit.

At the end of Avengers: endgame Falcon, the character played by Mackie remains as heir to the shield of freedom and, later, in the series in which he stars alongside Sebastián Stan, it is known that he will be the one who will take the place of Captain America in a new film. And, with this, everything seems to indicate that, again, Marvel is in talks with Chris Evans to make an appearance in the film.

At the moment it is unknown what would be the role he would have in the case of returning, but it must be admitted that there are many possibilities he has. Not only could it be through flashbacks, but there is also the opportunity to see it as a variant or even the original return of Steve Rogers.

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