The infamous Dragonball Evolution is available on Star +

The infamous Dragonball Evolution is available on Star +

Before the arrival of Star + to Mexico, a new Disney + adult content channel, we have found series like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, 9-1-1, Modern Family, Family Guy, Futurama, until The Simpsons; besides movies like Logan, Deadpool, Alien, The X-Files, Bohemian Rhapsody, among other. But we could not let pass that among these great titles is the infamous Dragonball Evolution.

This is the real picture movie, based on the original work of Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball, which was produced by 20th Century Fox in 2009, who has the distribution rights to the series in the West and which are now owned by Disney. Dragonballl Evolution is available on the new platform streaming with content other than Disney +.

Dragonball Evolution

From a movie ad about Dragon Ball, raised concerns as to how the story of the great teacher Toriyama would be adapted, in addition to causing laughter among fans by not believing that Hollywood could produce a film adaptation, however, this ended up being a mockery that to date continues to give that talk.

One of the things that the film had a negative reaction from fans of the franchise, was that the director, Stephen Chow, was not very familiar with the franchise when deciding to work on a movie, which was evidenced, since the final product left aside the original story, as are the adventures of Goku.

Definitely Dragon Ball had a different context going from being a story to save the world to encompassing everyday problems in the lives of teenagersHow to survive high school, not being able to talk to your crush and the dilemma of how to fit into a party. Goku became a young man in love who suffered from bullying. But that wasn’t the only thing that stood out, as the scenography did not have anything redeemable either and to that we add the quality of the special effects and photography.

Dragon Ball Evolution had changes that viewers did not like | Source: Fox

Let us remember that the universe of Dragon Ball It tells us about life on other planets, the alien races and the large number of battles, which include attacks with extraordinary energies and powers, elements that according to the spectators, were not relevant or simply changed just because.

This shows that the market that Fox wanted to reach was young people, so that they will be identified by history and will even reflect their own lives, however I do not contemplate the huge number of fans and followers of Dragon Ball, who still laugh at said adaptation.

Now what Dragonball Evolution came to Star +, it will be a good time to see it and torture a little even our visits or those restless nephews, since it is possibly the only thing that can be rescued from the film, while we wait, since now that the distribution rights are already with Disney after the purchase of 20th Century Fox, may see the light a better adaptation to 2009.


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