This is how the actors of “Cuenta Conmigo” are: addictions, complaints of sexual abuse and the struggle to reinvent themselves

This is how the actors of “Cuenta Conmigo” are: addictions, complaints of sexual abuse and the struggle to reinvent themselves

Self-referential moments flood the literature of Stephen King: the syndrome of the blank page, the addiction to the alcohol, the weight of the fame and a myriad of almost autobiographical situations. These passages in his books often serve to exorcise the demons of adulthood, but in other cases he goes back in time to face the ghosts of his childhood. One of the many times he used this resource was in The body, a story that was adapted to the cinema with the title of Count on me.

In this short novel, where he completely distanced himself from horror, the writer was inspired by many events from his childhood As the bullying that he suffered at school or the death of a boy from his neighborhood who was hit by a train. For him, as he made clear in those pages, those situations were the ones that marked his step towards adult life. A question that the director Rob Reiner captured perfectly when he brought the story to the big screen.

“It’s the best movie ever made with everything I’ve written, which isn’t saying much. But they really understood what he meant. The only thing I invented was the search for the body, the rest is autobiographical. I am like Gordie and my best friend was the guy who really gave me the confidence to become a novelist. And in fact he was murdered when he was young”King told the filmmaker after the film was shown to him for the first time.

35 years after its premiere, Count on me is still holding how a perfect adventure about the end of childhood. Inevitably its protagonists are no longer those boys who went in search of Ray Brower. While most of them managed to stay current in the industry, some they lived a real hell after starring in this eighties classic. Here, we share a tour of their careers.

Jerry O’Connell, the exception to the rule

O’Connell managed to break the cliché of child stars. (Photo: Columbia Pictures – Instagram / mrjerryoc)

It may not be easy to recognize it in other productions, but Jerry was very active in Hollywood. In the mid-90s, he managed to leave behind that little boy who was out of his way for a cherry-flavored candy and couldn’t remember where he had buried his savings. His resume took a totally different course when he became a heartthrob. Among his filmography stand out Jerry Maguire, Scream 2 and Mission to mars. In addition, he fulfilled one of his dreams: to voice Superman in the latest DC Comics animated films.

For a while she didn’t like to talk about her starring role in the King adaptation, because she was a little overweight at the time. Just enter your Instagram to see what that stage is completely over: he’s just one more fan!

In 2007 married model Rebecca Romijn and had twins. The funny thing about their romance is that she never confessed to him that she was a fan of Count on me. “After we got married, a friend of hers told me that she had a room full of posters of the movie,” she revealed in Live! with Kelly and Michael when they asked him how he had conquered her.

Corey Feldman, a fast-falling ascent

Currently, Corey is trying to relaunch his singing career. (Photo: Columbia Pictures – Instagram / cdogg22)

Pushed by a family that took advantage of his image, Corey He was only 3 years old when he starred in a McDonalds commercial. It didn’t take long for him to become a premature star for his characters in Gremlins, Los Goonies and Don’t let mom find out. The truth is that he preferred to be on a set rather than at home, where his mom beat him if he didn’t get a job or forced him to take diet pills.

Sadly, he adheres to the darkest cliches of boy actors. His rise was as resounding as his fall. He was not only exploited by his parents, but also by an industry that let go of his hand when he grew up. In full success, when he was not even of legal age, he had already become addicted to drugs.

In his autobiography, Coreyography, denounced that he had been sexually abused by the owner of Soda Pop, a record that was attended by child stars. As he tells in this book, These extreme situations made him contact his friend Michael Jackson for shelter.

“As crazy as it sounds, it was my happy place. He was adamant against drugs and alcohol, I didn’t even swear in front of him. Being with Michael gave me back my innocence, with him I felt that I was ten years old again ”, he assured.

Among all these problems, the cinema was completely put aside. In recent years he only appeared in class B films such as Zombex and Body High. In addition, he was once again involved in controversy when he created the musical group Corey’s Angels where he danced surrounded by women whom he took to live in his mansion. Several of them later they would end up denouncing him for sexual abuse.

Wil Wheaton, the “failed” child star

The actor defines himself as “a failed child star.” (Photo: Columbia Pictures – Instagram / itswilwheaton)

For the generation that grew up watching Count on meHe will always be that boy who took refuge in the stories he created because he was “invisible” to his parents. His other transcendent role was as the irritating Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, a character little loved among the trekkies. “I just limited myself to following the script”, He defended himself on more than one occasion.

Later, he would land supporting roles in major productions such as Eureka! and would also put his voice in animated series like Ben 10 and Teen Titans Go!. One of his most resounding appearances was in The Big Bang Theory, where he played himself.

When asked why he failed to stay on top, he takes the situation with humor. “I am a failed child star”he jokes. His personal life is very calm. He is a fan of technology and board games. He was one of the first bloggers with a famous past and still having fun commenting on various issues on Reddit.

The death of River Phoenix

The actor died at the age of 23 from an overdose. (Photo: Columbia Pictures / Paramount)

After playing tough and sentimental Chris Chambers, he was called to be the greatest actor of his generation. Your roles in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and My private world, they only seemed to verify that fate. And as if that wasn’t enough, he had barely come of age when was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Edge of the Void.

But the excesses wreaked havoc. On October 31, 1993, River died at age 23 from an overdose. The tragedy was on the sidewalk at The Viper Room, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip owned by Johnny Depp. His younger brother, Joaquin Phoenix, who had just turned 19 three days earlier, witnessed the scene. It was he who called 911: “My brother is on the ground, he took a Valium. It’s going to die”.

Before his death he was rolling Dark Blood, a film that was just completed and released in 2012.


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