Vin Diesel watched the Dolce & Gabbana show until the end, while everyone escaped the rain

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The presentations of new fashion collections created by haute couture brands have already begun to take place again thanks to the fact that many celebrities are vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

One of the first houses to return to their activities was Dolce & Gabanna, which had incredible parades days ago. Among the guests was actor Vin Diesel, who stood out for a kind gesture within the event.

Figures from the cinema, television and musical artists gathered in the city of Venice to see the presentations of Dolce & Gabanna with their new style and looks for this season.

Attendees did not hesitate to put on their best brand clothes to enjoy the show and apparently everything was going according to plan.

The second scheduled parade started like any other and everyone seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, until another guest who was not on the list arrived: a heavy rain accompanied by hail.

A few minutes after the event called Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture 2021, the weather made the spectators get up from their seats and go to look for a shelter from the rain so that their ‘very expensive Paris’ clothes would not be damaged.

The situation was pretty bad, but the models were still parading as if nothing was happening. Not all the guests left immediately, some stayed to watch and, to the surprise of the Internet users, the singer Sebastián Yatra captured a magical moment.

Through social networks, Sebastián shared what the stage looked like in the rain and the one who approached the platform where the models were standing was Vin Diesel to see them better.

At first, a bodyguard tried to cover him with an umbrella; however seconds later he gets under the rain to continue watching the show and give them a loud standing ovation after they stayed in the terrible weather and continued, even though the place was already almost empty. Here is the proof!

The video went viral, because Vin Diesel showed that he did not care much if his thousands of dollars clothes ended up soaked, he just wanted to stay until the end and congratulate the professionalism of the Dolce & Gabbana workers.

This is not the first time that Vin highlights his zero fear of getting wet, because the day before, he attended another parade of the same brand where he ended up dancing in the rain with the English actress Helen Mirren. Look at the sweet picture!

His action turned out to be a sign that Vin Diesel in addition to shining in the cinema, he also does it in real life, humanity does not deserve it!

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Vin Diesel watched the Dolce & Gabbana show until the end, while everyone escaped the rain