Walter Hamada: the real villain who destroyed the Justice League?

Walter Hamada: the real villain who destroyed the Justice League?

Walter Hamada is a recognized producer and executive producer. His career began to gain attention in the film industry when Hamada He served as Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures. He then joined New Line Cinema in 2007, where he served as an executive producer on widely known horror films such as The spell 1 and 2 (2013, 2016), Annabelle (2014), When the lights turn off (2016) and That (2017).

Then, in 2018, Walter Hamada was selected as the director of the DC Movies. This happened after the movie Justice League represented a failure in criticism and box office that worried Warner Bros. and that pointed to the producer as a good option to take responsibility for the production of the DC universe and the films based on it. Failure that, as we know, led the company to surrender to fan requests and release Zack Snyder’s four-hour cut, which is quite different from what was presented on screens the first time.

Nevertheless, Walter Hamada just renewed his contract with Warner Bros., which caused a lot of controversy among the cast of Justice League and several fans of the movie.

The controversy

Ray Fisher plays Cyborg, a character who changed a lot in Joss Whedon’s version of Justice League

When the extension of the contract of Walter Hamada, the actor Ray Fisher, who played the role of Cyborg, came out against the director of DC Films and accused him of having participated “too thoroughly” in the production of the film that was a failure in 2017.

In accordance with Ray Fisher, the Warner Bros ad is a contradiction in that it omits that Hamada he worked closely on the film that has caused so much trouble for the company. The actor said “It’s strange how these reactionary ads from Warner Bros. Pictures always forget to mention that Walter Hamada I was working directly with Geoff Johns and Toby Emmerich (in the movie Shazam!) during the takes of the League of Justice”. Given this, several fans joined the complaint and recalled that Zack Snyder had previously commented that his film underwent modifications that significantly altered his original idea, contributing to its failure.

Notably Ray Fisher He has already had some conflicts with Warner Bros. In fact, on several occasions he has pointed out abusive practices on set and has complained about the treatment his character has received in the movies, as well as the racist statements he has received, creating a war that it could end his character.

The extension in the contract Walter Hamada as president of DC Films by Warner Bros. he gives the producer the ability to maintain full supervision in future productions of DC Comics that are planned to premiere on the HBO Max streaming platform, which will soon arrive in Mexico, and that will share with Warner several premieres.

In response to this issue, Warner Bros. President Toby Emmerich responded that Walter Hamada is passionate about DC history and is an incredibly talented and thoughtful executive who is fully committed to investing the time and care it takes to make films at this level. In addition, he mentioned in a statement that the company is interested in working with new and established talent to expand the reach and diversity of the DC film universe.

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