5 Angelina Jolie movies to watch on the weekend

5 Angelina Jolie movies to watch on the weekend

Actress Angelina Jolie has built a successful career in Hollywood from a young age. Her talent has led her to play various roles, from the noblest to her unforgettable antagonistic roles.

The famous ex-partner of the actor Brad Pitt, has also stood out for his social works and his philanthropic work in favor of children, against world poverty and human rights.

He began his career at a very young age, influenced by the fame of his father, the actor, Jon Voigh, known for his appearances in Midnight Cowboy, Odessa and Coming Home, which earned him nominations for various awards such as the prestigious Oscars.


In this film released in 2008, the actress plays the role of “Christine”, a mother who lives the loss of her 9-year-old son, “Walter Collins.”

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The film, based on a real life event, narrates the drama of this California mother, who does not rest until she finds the whereabouts of her missing son after going to the movies. Various reports come from San Francisco, Oakland and Glendale but the desperate mother does not give in until she knows about the mysterious disappearance of her son.


Angelina Jolie became the villain in the Snow White story. In this film produced in 2014, the actress showed a different facet to all the characters played until then.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until I started acting professionally. I found my passion for acting and my love for it has not gone away. He gave me direction, “said the actress quoted by Vanity Fair.

Interrupted innocence

With this film, actress Angelina Jolie won the Academy Award in 2000. The story, based on Susanna Kaysen’s experiences in a mental hospital, also featured performances by Jared Leto, Winona Ryder and the remembered actress, Brittany Murphy who played Daisy Randone. a young woman addicted to tranquilizers.

The bone Collector

The drama-filled film was released in 1999 and directed by Philip Noice. In addition to Jolie, Denzel Washington played the role of detective “Lincon Rhyme”, who was paraplegic during a terrible accident he suffered while conducting an investigation.

Then, Jolie comes into action, who plays “Amelia”, an agent capable of following her intuition and helps this policeman, the best in the city of Neva York. The policeman will do everything possible to discover the truth about the murders that litter the city with corpses.

60 seconds

This production was starred in 2000 by Jolie and actor Nicolás Cage, whose character in “Randall” demonstrates his abilities to steal vehicles and get away with it, all with the aim of saving his brother’s life.

He has left behind his criminal past but returns after brother “Kip” does not complete the mission for mobster “Kalitri”. Now, to save his brother, the protagonist must complete the mission and steal 50 vehicles with a decisive threat of death in between.



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5 Angelina Jolie movies to watch on the weekend