7 actors and actresses who didn’t sing in their movies, but made us believe they did

7 actors and actresses who didn’t sing in their movies, but made us believe they did
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When we watch a movie with a musical number, one of the first questions that comes to mind is whether the actor or actress really sings as well as they sound.

The truth is that, while some artists do perform their songs (and show their great talents), others only do lip-syncs. That is, they are experts at moving their lips and making you believe they are singing.

Here we tell you about 7 celebrities who did not sing in their movie although they made us believe that they did. You will surely get some surprises.

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# 1 Jennifer Lopez, in Selena

Nobody doubts the great talent of J.Lo to sing any song. Even so, for this tape they decided to use Selena’s real voice so that she would be more attached to reality.

In accordance with Entertainment Weekly, the only part where the real voice of Jennifer Lopez is heard is when the song ‘Como la Flor’ begins.

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#2 Rami Malek, en Bohemian Rhapsody

This performance earned Malek an Oscar for Best Actor. And it is not for less, because each of his gestures and movements perfectly imitated those of Freddie Mercury; However, there was something that the actor could not achieve: the tone of the singer.

Therefore, the producers used a combination of voices. The mix included Rami Malek, Marc Mattel (a singer who became very popular on YouTube for having a voice similar to that of the leader of Queen) and original recordings by Mercury. Did you imagine it?

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# 3 Rebecca Ferguson, en The Greatest Showman

The number ‘Never Enough’ is one of the most poignant on the tape, but Rebecca only did one lip sync of the song. Actually, the voice is by Loren Allred, who became famous for participating in The Voice (US version).

#4 Natalie Wood, en West Side Story

How can it be that one of the most iconic musicals did not have the voice of its protagonist? It turns out that Natalie Wood didn’t quite hit the mark for the role of Maria, and the producers didn’t want to let her know that.

Instead, according to different media, they made her sing and record her numbers as if they were actually going to be used and, when they edited them, they used the voice of a ‘ghost singer’.

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The woman in question was Marni Nixon who, at that time, made many songs for films without her voice being credited.

#5 Rachel McAdams, and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

The song ‘Husavik’, which Sigrit sings and composes, earned him many nominations for its actual songwriters. Despite that, Rachel McAdams wasn’t the only voice to play her.

As revealed by the actress, although she did sing in this role, the producers combined her voice with that of Molly Sandén, a Swedish singer also known as My Marianne.

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# 6 Zac Efron, in High School Musical

That’s right: the role that made the actor famous almost did not have his singing. As he revealed himself, he did record all the songs they asked him to do, but when the first movie came out, Drew Seeley’s voice was the one behind his numbers.

He assured that the producers never gave him an explanation of the matter. It was even in the second and third part of High School Musical that he struggled to get them to leave his voice and he succeeded. The only one in which he was replaced was the first.

# 7 Marion Cotillard, in Life in pink

Her portrayal of Edith Piaf earned her international recognition, despite that the producers decided to use the French singer’s voice instead of Marion’s.

Even so, she took singing lessons to learn the correct breathing techniques, how to move her lips and tongue, and to make her performance much more believable.

Did you know all these cases of celebrities who did not sing in their movies? Which one surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments who surprised you the most with their performance.

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7 actors and actresses who didn’t sing in their movies, but made us believe they did