Athens art It is an initiative for the promotion of the arts and knowledge, created in order to evoke the “Athens from Veracruz”, a name given to the city of Xalapa at the end of the 19th century. These are two closely linked concepts, the union of which integrates a word to conjugate the verb grasp in favor of culture, in its meaning of holding something tightly.

In times of pandemic by Covid-19, there are few face-to-face activities and many are carried out virtually. The healthy distance between people governs this time, fortunately the obligatory limitation does not diminish the creative spirit and artistic dynamics.

On the first of September the Hay Festival Querétaro 2021. Yesterday he chatted about his novel Childhood song, the Nobel Prize Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, without a doubt, the most famous figure of that five-day cultural encounter. Next Saturday the Spanish writer and filmmaker David Trueba will have a discussion with Fernanda melchor, the Veracruz writer of novels such as Hurricane season and Paradeals.

Le Clézio is a Frenchman with strong ties to Mexico, the country where he lived for some years. Was in the Hay Festival Xalapa 2012 where he stated that “Surrealism was born in Veracruz, not in France.” That occasion he talked about how years before he had visited Xalapa, at the invitation of Jaime Enrique Shelley, by the way, a poet who in this city gave literary workshops and sang to the fog, to the first love and to the beauty of the church of San José in the historic center.

Apart from showing archaeological riches from the Gulf of Mexico region, in the Xalapa Museum of Anthropology there is the exhibition “Architectures”, an exhibition of sculpture and painting by the plastic artist Manuel Velazquez, which can be admired during the usual MAX hours from today until October 6.

At the Realia institute and from September 9, Dr. Alejandro Mariano will teach the course “Hidden meanings in universal art.” Through the IVEC social networks, the various events, talks and courses that take place in the institution are made known, including the public announcement of the various careers that this month begin in the Free School of Music.

Cultural Diffusion of the UV is convening the graduates in Mexican Folk Music and Dance, Pedagogical Theater and Cultural Project Management. It also announces the billboard for September, where the virtual presentations of the UV Choir stand out, Third World, Armando Mora, the Folkloric Ballet, Nematatlin and Xalli Big Band, among others.

To celebrate the 25 years of the group The Cojolites, the group specialized in son jarocho is releasing its new musical production where artists such as Natalia Lafourcade, Lila Downs and Eugenia León. The presentation of its anniversary material will take place from December 3 to 5 at the Los Pinos cultural complex in Mexico City.

On the first of September the doctor Martin Aguilar Sánchez began his rectory at the UV. In his inauguration speech, he said that he is willing to “guarantee the present and a hopeful future for the Universidad Veracruzana.” He is a sociologist with studies in France who has published several books and articles for academic journals. One of them can be read in the BUAP Journal of Social Sciences with the title “Political change and social movements in Veracruz in the era of neoliberalism,” which he wrote with another prominent researcher. In this essay, reference is made to political issues and what is called 21st century neo-extractivism, in reference to the dangerous method of oil fracking and the failed attempts to install hydroelectric plants and polluting mining in Veracruz (Caballo Blanco case in Alto Lucero and Actopan) , highlighting the decisive opposition work of environmental organizations such as LAVIDA.


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