‘Candyman’: The 12 Horror Movies And Series You Should See In The Remaining Of The Year If You Liked Jordan Peele’s Tape

‘Candyman’: The 12 Horror Movies And Series You Should See In The Remaining Of The Year If You Liked Jordan Peele’s Tape

Halloween was ahead of us since July with the trilogy of ‘La Calle del Terror’, and now with ‘No Breathe 2’ and ‘Candyman’, so if yours is to live between nightmares and scares, check which releases await you the latest four months of the year.

This weekend the movie billboard is of long tablecloths having back one of the great classics of horror, Candyman, the fourth installment of the urban legend created by the British writer Clive Barker in his Blood Books and first adapted in 1992 with Tony Todd as the lurid spirit behind the Cabrini-Green murders, a veteran actor who repeats as the bloodiest hook wielder in the history of the genre.

And for the second consecutive week No Breathes 2 remains strong in Mexican resorts and becomes the second option for all lovers of jumps and surprises inside the room, surprising reactions quite guaranteed, although the level of fear and exaltation of one It depends on whether or not he throws his popcorn, because one thing we do warn: Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) is still the old blind, bloody and merciless old man from the first part.

And if we go to platforms, Netflix began to shed blood from its season baptized as julioween, because during three weeks of the month he released, one by one, the installments of Fear Street, adaptations of the stories of the novelist RL Stine: The Street of Terror: 1994, The Street of Terror: 1978 and The Street of Terror: 1666, worthy heiresses and tributes to the classics slasher of all time, such as Scream: Scream Before You Die, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others.

From international festivals such as Cannes, where we were present and witnessed the Palme d’Or for Julia Ducournau for her horror film Titane, to the recent premiere and revelation of the new South Korean nightmare The Medium, which promises to be the dream stealer with its story. full of possessions and shamanism, the genre is constantly on the move, so we bring you a selection of films and series that will arrive before the end of 2021 so you can schedule your nights of scares, pizza and popcorn.

Halloween Kills

Universal Pictures

Every fan of slasher look forward to October 15 to see the return of Michael Myers in Halloween Kills.

Evil one

Warner Bros Pictures

Evil does not need so many waves, just know that it is from the master of horror James Wan, creator of Madison, a woman who has visions of actual murders. Set aside September 9 to go see her.

Dark spirits

Searchlight Pictures

Guillermo del Toro returns as producer in Dark Spirits on October 29, the story of a boy living with a supernatural creature at home.

We Need to do Something

IFC Films

On September 3, the US premiere of We Need to do Something starring Sierra McCormick, a strange event about a family trapped at home after a tornado hit. It will be necessary to see if it reaches Mexico.

I know what they did last summer

Amazon Prime Video

The remake of the 90s classic I Know What You Did Last Summer comes to Amazon Prime Video on October 15 as an eight-part series. The hook killer stalks for a hidden crime.

Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge places a group of former players trying to survive these puzzles, will they come out alive? September 16 is your chance to find out.

When the Demon Calls

Madness Entertainment

Cinépolis will exhibit the When the Demon Calls, on September 30, a Swedish production based on true events about a couple who seek to stop neighboring spirits from possessing their young son.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Legendary Pictures launched an official site with this image announcing the premiere this year of the new film by Massacre on Texas. There are no further details at the moment.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn


El Demonio, as it became known in Mexico, will return at some point of the year totally renewed and for the first time without its creator Victor Salva in the direction.

Underwater Threat: You Can’t Escape

Corazon Films

Surviving from hungry crocodiles has never been easy and this group of Australian friends make it clear in this film that will hit Cinépolis on September 9.

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‘Candyman’: The 12 Horror Movies And Series You Should See In The Remaining Of The Year If You Liked Jordan Peele’s Tape