Chris Evans: the strange tweet of the actor that made Christian Slater viral | Spoiler

Chris Evans approaches the 15 million followers on Twitter and that makes him a person with a huge influence Worldwide. It also makes his words elicit all kinds of reactions and that’s what happened in the last few hours for a strange tweet about Christian Slater. On the one hand, he made his colleague trending, but on the other raised concern about its status when posting. What did he put?

“If Christian Slater from 1989 walked into the room, and I had never heard his name before, and had to guess what it was just from his looks, I’d guess Christian Slater.”, the interpreter of Captain America wrote in the social network of the little bird. In a few hours, the publication reaped 124 thousand likes and had three thousand comments.


The tweet made Slater viral and highlighted his career. In 1989, as Evans noted, he was famous for his performance in Heathers In the role of Jason “JD” Dean: a sociopathic high school student. He was recently featured in the television series Mr. Robot (2015-2019, whose character of Edward Alderson earned him a Golden Globe.

Christian Slater

Christian Slater and 1989

Christian Slater

Christian Slater and June 2021 (Getty)

While the 51-year-old actor is widely recognized, Evans’ post surprised everyone because he does not usually make such comments and did not share the context in which he did it. Had he just seen Heathers? Will you work with him? The situation generated varied reactions and also memes from fans they did not understand the intention of the Marvel artist.

There were even those who made fun of Evans. Like writer Jessica Ellis did. “If you’re wondering, the reason Christian Slater is trending is because Chris Evans is high, I’m pretty sure.”, he posted on his official Twitter.

If it is a mistake with the phone, it would not be the first time that it happened because in September 2020 he suffered a serious mishap when he showed part of his naked body in an Instagram story. If it is a new digital error, this one is undoubtedly much less serious for the actor.

The best memes about Chris Evans tweet about Christian Slater

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Chris Evans: the strange tweet of the actor that made Christian Slater viral | Spoiler