Chris Hemsworth: 6 Style Rules You Must Follow

Chris Hemsworth has become one of the actors most famous people on the planet, since he rose to fame for his role as Kim Hyde in Home And Away in 2004, with a growing number of 50 million followers on Instagram.

With papers like Thor (three films finished and counting), Extraction, Snow White And The Huntsman, Men In Black: International, The Avengers and Star Trek, is known for its great successes from ticket office. However, off screen, the Australian actor 38-year-old has a simpler lifestyle, residing about Melbourne when he’s not working and taking things fairly easy. To do this, it has adopted a style which leads him to prefer the vests baggy, the pants short and the clothing from exercise (As he constantly performs exercise routines to prepare for his roles.)

That being said, when the need comes to grooming for a premiere, a press conference or a delivery from awards, Hemsworth he is more than up to the challenge, without losing his personal style. Then the 6 style rules highlights you can steal from the superhero.

Summer is synonymous with linen

Chris Hemsworth

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The australian Hemsworth knows very well how to deal with climates plus warm. Average temperatures are around 26ºC in Australia and humidity around 65%. That means an extra risk of sweating, even if you’re not succumbing to one of her mind-blowing workouts. Hemsworth, which make muscles explode.

Fortunately, Hemsworth has taught us that the easiest way to prevent back drip, even if you are attending an event, is to invest in some lino trustworthy. The lino not only does it not wrinkle, but it is ideal for climates plus warm, thanks to its low number of threads (a fine cotton is approximately 200 and a fine linen between 80 and 150). The lino It has great moisture wicking ability, which means there is no need to worry about visible sweat stains, and it is also hypoallergenic, which means sweat is less likely to break down its fibers. Basically, the lino it is like a porous and breathable skin.

So if you opt for a linen suit, A shirt or even shorts, you can guarantee that your sweat-free back will thank you later for this easy-to-do fabric change. Go to Cos, Armani y Favourbrook to find the best linen suits, while Turnbull & Asser makes a lovely breathable shirt.

Invest in a three-piece suit

Chris Hemsworth

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You have to know how to master a suit as powerful as the three piece suit, preferred by the likes of Ryan Reynolds, David Gandy and Calvin Harris, is a statement of power, ideal for a man who wants to be the most fixed up possible. Composed of a jacket suit, trousers and vest, it’s the quintessential party outfit, and there’s a reason why Ralph Lauren, who designed the costumes for the 1974 adaptation of The Great Gatsby, he chose it for Robert Redford. As if all those accolades weren’t enough: Hemsworth is a fan.

Don’t run away from daring tailoring

Chris Hemsworth

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We are supporters of the tailor shop ultra sleek and minimalist -the kind you’d find at Prada, Dior, and Jil Sander- but every now and then, like Chris Hemsworth, BTS y Harry Styles, we prefer a little extravagance. Here, while attending the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, Hemsworth showed us how you can wear a costume with a print out of the ordinary without looking like a cast member Dumb And Dumber.

The trick is to choose a Mark that he knows what he does when he plays with prints (Etro, the mark of Hemsworth, It’s a good start). Second, you have to decide how extravagant you want to be: do you want bright and eye-catching patterns or, like Hemsworth, a subtle and muted brocade paisley?

For us, the second. Hemsworth gives us an excellent lesson on the advantages of a softer print: you have to go towards the darker tones so that the pattern is sufficient to remove the costume out of the murky waters, but not too much to blind the other attendees.

Forget what you thought you knew about narrow ties

Chris Hemsworth

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The slim ties they have a bad reputation. Sure, they were Pete Doherty’s favorites from the cast of Twilight and, well, anyone who worked in a bar around 2004, but they are not tan bad. Although we love powerful ties and flashy like the ones you wear Harry Styles, those seen on the catwalk of Gucci or those preferred by a younger George Clooney, we can’t help but hold a sacred place in our hearts for the slimmer versions, such as the necktie. Hemsworth.

The designer the one to be inspired by is Hedi Slimane. Whether in his 2002 departure for Dior, in his time at Saint Laurent or in his current position as Celine’s boss, the slim tie it has been a mainstay on its trend board and, subsequently, in our closets. The slimmest tie will instantly inject some credentials from rock star to your office clothes.

You can wear black and navy together

Chris Hemsworth

© Karwai Tang

Just like we are told not to wear a narrow tie, many will say that the navy blue and black together. We, however, do not agree and believe that you can wear navy blue and black together. Especially if you do it as well as Hemsworth.

Combine a navy blue suit with some shoes patent leather dress negro is one thing, but you have to go further and combine all the look with shawl lapels in midnight black. If big brands like Armani y Boss They do, why don’t you?

Invest in a good watch

While taking a break from filming the next movie from Thor: Love and Thunder at the beginning of this year, Chris Hemsworth showed his watch Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 18k rose gold 41mm, likely to suit the tastes of your on-screen character.

AP’s Royal Oak was introduced in 1972 and was the brainchild of the influential designer of clocks Gérald Genta, who, before his death, worked with other high-end watchmakers such as IWC, Omega and Patek Philippe. Considered one of the first clocks luxury sports cars in the world, and arguably the first stainless steel watch to be marketed as a luxury piece, the Royal Oak featured the Shah of Iran, a sports fan. luxury, as your first customer.

Article originally published in GQ UK.

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Chris Hemsworth: 6 Style Rules You Must Follow