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Whenever I talk to Vin Diesel, something happens”.

This was said by an experienced colleague, from another country, in the virtual press room of “Fast and furious 9”, Another installment of the saga of explosions and cars. Like him and other journalists, I am in front of my computer, ready to speak on Zoom with the man with the last name fuel, profitable resume and, as I now learn, unpredictable on camera. Someone who, two decades ago, lived a different story.

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Today’s Diesel is a star and behaves like one. On the other side of the screen, when it is my turn to interview him, the chair where he is supposed to be sitting lies empty. He appears a little while later, stands behind the furniture, as if it were not the thing with him. And he starts talking casually, taking his time for every word. It is his style, although for this kind of events, with a limited time per journalist, it can be uncomfortable: it makes you keep abreast of the clock at all times; to make sure that in those minutes everything you need is answered.

We start with something “light”, the traffic of Lima: What would your character, accustomed to free roads, do in such a traffic jam? Diesel says Dominic Toretto always finds a way to get there no matter the obstacles. He, far from fiction, is also like that. From a very young age Mark Sinclair (his real name) wanted to be an actor. He did theater in New York and wanted to make the leap to the cinema, but the opportunities, as for any beginner, were scarce. But that did not stop him and with a few thousand dollars, his savings, he directed, wrote and starred in “Multi-Facial” (1995), a short film with autobiographical overtones that changed his life.

Vin Diesel alongside John Cena, who plays Jakob Toretto in "Fast and furious 9".  Photo: UIP.
Vin Diesel with John Cena, who plays Jakob Toretto in “Fast and Furious 9”. Photo: UIP.

“It was my first real movie. I started acting when I was seven years old, but I was never successful. He barely had a job. I suffered when I went from the theater to the movies and stumbled so much. (…) I was a bouncer (night watchman) in New York for 10 years and no one was hiring me. I just wanted to show the world what I could do ”, Diesel told El Comercio about his origins. This bet worked, as his film reached the Cannes Film Festival. And it was seen by Steven Spielberg who, delighted with his work, wrote a role for him in “Saving Private Ryan” (1998).

That movie didn’t make him a star, but it was the first step to achieving it. From there he gave voice to the noble robot of “The Iron Giant” (1999), a cult film; until the film that would change his life, “Fast and Furious” (2001), arrived in 2001; where he started as an actor and, twenty years later, he also produces it. “I always knew that I would be one of the biggest movie stars. I know it sounds crazy, but I always knew it, ”Diesel tells us.

The friend who is gone

The story of Vin Diesel and his rise to success cannot be told without that of Paul Walker, his co-star of the series, who died in 2013 in a car accident. The two were so close that Diesel was godfather to his colleague’s daughter, Meadow. How does he feel working without Walker, after so many years of the loss?

“There is a void. There is the feeling of having an empty part of the heart. Fulfill the promise that both Paul and I share, to take this mythology up to ‘Rapids 10’; But doing it without your brother is sometimes the most difficult thing in the world, ”he told us. Walker’s spirit lives in “Rapids 9”, and also in Diesel, which will premiere the tenth installment of this saga in 2023. There is gasoline for a while.


“Fast and furious 9” is in cinemas throughout Peru since this Thursday, August 26.

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