“I’ve seen the impact the show has on girls in real life.”

“I’ve seen the impact the show has on girls in real life.”

In 2016, Olivier Dumont, who is the president of the Entertainment One family brands – the giant behind “Peppa Pig,” “PJ Masks” and “Ricky Zoom” – was at an event in New York where there were corporeal characters from “PJ Masks”. And something happened that shocked him to this day.

A girl approached the person disguised as Owlette, the girl of the trio of superheroes and, amazed, said over and over again: “I love you so much.” Although years have passed, Dumont, who is also an executive producer of “PJ Masks” does not forget what happened: “It was impressive to see the effect it has on children, an incredible feeling.”

An effect that, he explains, has to do with empowering the little ones through these “Heroes in Pajamas” centered on Amanda, Conner and Greg, three ordinary children who at night become superheroes with special powers. They are Owlette – who flies and has spectacular vision -, Catboy – reaches great speed – and Greg – who has superhuman strength and can climb walls.

And it is in this setting, where all three characters are equally important that Dumont understands the importance of Owlette: “I definitely think there are not enough girls represented on screen as strong and powerful characters and I have seen the impact of PJ Masks on the girls in real life and I can say that Owlette is definitely making a difference. ”

In fact, this topic is something that interests them so much that, according to Dumont told Publimetro, they are working on a new animated project. “He also encouraged us to create a new series called ‘KIYA’ that will feature a trio of heroes like in ‘PJ Masks’, but this time it will be 2 girls and a boy and one of the two girls will take the lead in the trio. Like ‘PJ Masks,’ I really believe this show will help to achieve gender balance and help boys understand that girls are just as capable of achieving the same things in life as they are. “

For the executive, “PJ Masks” draws the attention of the little ones because for many children it is the first introduction to the superhero genre. a universal and timeless genre that attracts attention. Of course, he explains, that the adventures are suitable for a child audience and that they are accompanied by dynamic and striking visuals, as well as a fast pace of narration. The stories are action and adventure “Children fall in love with the characters and aspire to be like them.”

In fact, he believes that it is in those games and recreations of the “PJ Masks” adventures that children fulfill the dream of “I too can be a superhero and I can be whatever I want,” which, he says, empowers their minds. In addition, he explains, playing together with friends or siblings empowers them to face the world together, “Having this level of confidence definitely helps them,” he says.

“At the heart of the program are three best friends who work together for the common good. And, although they have their differences, they would not be the PJ Masks without the strong bonds of friendship that bind them. They learn that it is only by combining their skills and working together as a team that they become unstoppable. “

But it’s not just children who gain something from the adventures of Owlette, Geccko, and Catboy. “On the parents’ side, values ​​such as teamwork are delivered.” In addition, he explains, it helps to bridge the gap between the safe preschool world and that of superheroes for the older ones.

Regarding the fourth season, Dumont says there will be new villains and that it all begins with a four-episode special called “Heroes from Heaven,” which is, he says, “the most epic ‘PJ Masks’ adventure yet.”

These episodes begin to premiere today on Disney Junior: the debut is at 4:00 p.m. and the replay at 8:15 p.m.


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“I’ve seen the impact the show has on girls in real life.”