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John Cena He has already conquered everything in the world of professional wrestling. After being the face of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for more than a decade, a few years ago he decided to emigrate to the world of Hollywood and become a movie star.

It was not bad for him, since since then he participated in dozens of films. Among them stand out Fast and furious 9, as brother of Vin Diesel, Dolittle, where he voiced Yoshi, 12 rounds, where he starred as Danny Fisher and Ferdinand, among many others.

Cena was part of the last installment of Fast and Furious, along with Vin Diesel.

He recently joined the cast of Friends on Vacation, and was filming yet another movie. Now, he wants to venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and he made it known in an interview with Esquire magazine.

The note was precisely about this last mentioned film and there, subtly slipped the possibility of taking a direct flight into the world of superheroes. Let’s remember that he had a role of the style when he was the Peacemaker, in the Suicide Squad, where he stood out so much that a series of his own for this character has already been announced that will be broadcast on HBO Max and of course, starring Cena.

In 2012 he had a great rivalry with La Roca.

For all those reader friends who are wondering about the character would like to work at Marvel, the answer is Benjamin Grimm, better known as “amount” O “the thing” on Fantastic 4. He did it in an indirect and suggestive way, but it arose since just a few days ago, the fighter was chosen by the fans in a poll on Twitter, where they could vote his “ideal cast” for this film that the North American giant announced that it has as a project.

I would consider almost any ‘What‘. I think that staying open to options and different perspectives is a good way to live life. This would just be something I would consider, because I like to keep my perspective open to ‘stuff‘new“John expressed in the interview,” Cena said in this interview.

The detail is that he repeatedly uses the word “What” (thing in English), precisely the name of this rocky and morrudo character.

“La Cosa” will be part of the future installment of The Fantastic Four.

Marvel announced last year that they will make a Fantastic 4 movie and that it will be within Phase 4 of the MCU., which has already started with the series of Wandavision, continued on the big screen with Black Widow, resumed the episodic strips with Loki and will return to the cinema with the delivery. from Shang-Chi and Spiderman: No way home.

Dinner with Vin Diesel

Let’s remember that Cena is a legend of the “pro wrestling”, where, as we already mentioned, he was the face of the most important company in the business, he won 16 world championships (a record he shares with Ric Flair) and the love / hate of the public. Every time his music sounded in a coliseum, two songs deafened the whole world: “Let´s go Dinner” (let’s go dinner) and “John Cena sucks” (John Cena sucks). It didn’t matter when or where, his character left no one indifferent.

This is how Cena returned to WWE in July

So much so that WWE brought him back for a great event that was held on August 21 in the city of Las Vegas. We are talking about Summerslam, the second most important “pay per view” of the company, only after Wrestlemania. They built a great story where the fighter made a surprise return almost a month earlier, on July 18 at the end of Money in the Bank, to challenge the “Universal champion”Roman Reigns to a fight in that city. From then on, what they called the “dinner summer ”, a journey to Summerslam where he built his rivalry with the titleholder.

Eventually, he was defeated in an entertaining match at the hands of Reigns, but true to form, he pumped the public’s interest to the max, something he would probably do if he were to play the role of “The thing”. Like dwayne “The rock” Johnson, Cena came out of wrestling and went straight to being a Hollywood star.


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John Cena revealed who is the character with whom he would join Marvel | Chronicle