Paul Schrader defends casting Kevin Spacey in new movie

After receiving several allegations of sexual misconduct from young actors who worked with him in 2017, Kevin Spacey (House of Cards – 85%, American Beauty – 88%) is preparing to return to acting, as ironically he was selected by the Italian director Franco Nero to play a sexual abuse and pedophilia investigator in his new movie The man who draw god.

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As expected, the choice of Spacey for this role received multiple criticisms, including that of the same Mark Ebenhoch, one of the actors who accused the protagonist of House of Cards of sexual misconduct on the set of the 1995 film Outbreak. Ebenhoch condemned the casting in an interview with TMZ and described it as arrogant, irresponsible and absurd. However, now, the producer of the tape, Louis Nero, came to the defense of the 61-year-old interpreter (via IndieWire). But not only him, but also a living Hollywood legend: Paul Schrader.

In an answer to CNN (via IndieWire), Nero defended Spacey’s casting and said he believes the accusations are false, and also ruled that he chose the interpreter for being a great actor. Director Franco Nero He shared similar sentiments when the casting of Spacey was first announced this weekend, as he was very excited to have the actor in his new film. Spacey will share credits with the legendary Vanessa Redgrave, Nero’s wife.

Spacey was not only accused of sexual misconduct by Mark Ebenhoch, Actor Anthony Rapp was one of the first to declare that in 1986, while still a minor, he had been sexually harassed by the protagonist of American Beauty during a party held at his residence.

Because of this, the actor’s choice for a role that involves investigating cases of sexual abuse and pedophilia does feel somewhat forced, ironic, absurd, and even offensive to those who dared to speak out. Schrader, (First Reformed – 95%, Lives on the Edge – 71%), writer of the acclaimed Taxi Driver – 98%, and frequent contributor to Martin Scorsese, shared a message on Facebook in support of the Common Suspects actor – 88%.

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It was time. If he’s guilty of a crime, put him in jail. If not, let him act. Many great artists have been bad people.

In 2018, Schrader volunteered to cast Spacey in his new film, noting that life’s crimes shouldn’t affect art. He also wrote at the time that Spacey should be punished as a person, but not as an artist, because that would also punish art. After his controversial publication, Schrader revealed that A24 asked him not to publish anything about it anymore, as he was in the middle of the awards season with his Oscar candidate First Reformed – 95%.

Spacey was last seen in a movie at the 2018 Billionaire Boys Club and also appeared in Edgar Wright’s action film (A Night At World’s End – 89%) of 2017 Baby – The Crime Apprentice – 93%. Since then, he has continued to try to return to acting through YouTube videos in which he channels the personality of Frank Underwood, his character in House of Cards.

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Paul Schrader defends casting Kevin Spacey in new movie