Premis Caliu: Fallas art for tolerance

Premis Caliu: Fallas art for tolerance

Julia Navarro’s child failure portrays six activist boys and girls. lift-emv

Staging equal treatment and non-discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, culture, origin, religion, belief, situation of poverty, functional diversity or any other cause. This is the main objective of the Premis Caliu, organized by the Department of Equality of the Valencia City Council, which this year celebrated its 4th edition. A few awards that have given victory to the Ripalda-Beneficència fault in the children’s category and Borrull-Socors in the largest. The first is called “La tribusfera” and is the creation of the artist Julia Navarro Coll, “Trementina Lux” and is born from this, from a tribe of six boys and girls who are world leaders in the fight for the rights of people and the planet. Greta Zumber, Avery, a transgender girl from Dakota, USA, the Hero of Coltan, making visible the slave children who extract minerals; Sophie Cruz, the child activist for the rights of migrant children; the image of an indigenous girl who is a defender of water or a boy who gives stuffed animals to the sick in hospitals. All children’s icons that will burn with them “stereotypes, intolerance, pollution, aggressive masculinity and looking the other way” on the day of the cremà.

Borrull-Socors builds a ghetto of a “recycled” reality to create a better world. l-emv

«It is a paradigm shift. Each ninot opens up the possibility of using different materials, all are sustainable ”, explains the artist Julia Navarro. “Under a base of colors by sex or theme, some characters grow away from the role that society wants to impose on childhood to build people who have a lot to contribute,” adds the architect of the monument.

For its part, the Borrull-Socors experimental failure is called “Je suis 100sible” and has been developed by the falleros and falleras themselves. On the outside, hundreds of newspapers talking about immigration, the world’s misfortunes and inequalities. Inside, a “ghetto” of “recycled paper” where the “recycled” news wants to change reality for a better world. On the centenary of the commission, the presidents of the same, Sebastían Marín and Marina Marín point out that the awards “belong to everyone, as we have worked on them as a group.” It is, in short, a criticism of the press that, through the metaphor of “je suis Paris” after the Bataclan attacks, tries to turn history around. “Recycle” reality.

The 2021 Fallas are historic for several reasons. Convento Jerusalen is already the best fault of the Special Section with its double also as the best child fault and the commission’s falleros have celebrated it with overflowing joy. Know where it is and how to get to the first prize winning falla as well as the list of all the awards of the large fallas, the infantile fallas and those of category A and Special Section.

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Premis Caliu: Fallas art for tolerance