Salma Hayek turned 55 and celebrated by showing off her figure with an incredible swimsuit

Salma Hayek claims to be one of the few actresses who have already passed 50 years without botox (Photo: Instagram / @ salmahayek)

Salma Hayek delighted his social media followers with a photograph in a bathing suit, where he wore the spectacular figure that he preserves in his 55th birthday.

Salma Hayek is one of the Mexican personalities who through the years has managed to make her way in the entertainment industry internationally. She left her native Veracruz to conquer thousands of viewers and become one of the most established actresses.

On this day, Salma Hayek turned one more year of life and celebrated it with her fans through a publication that ended up setting the networks on fire. From your account Instagram, the Veracruz woman shared an unpublished photograph wearing a radiant figure in a turquoise blue swimsuit.

Photo: @salmahayek / Instgarm
Photo: @salmahayek / Instgarm

Happy 55th birthday to me“Wrote the actress next to the postcard. “Ready for new adventures. Live life”He added.

The remembered protagonist of the biographical film of Frida Kahlo, He posted his message in English and Spanish, which highlighted the reach that it has mainly in the two nationalities after a long and fruitful trajectory of more than 30 years.

The users of the platform were waiting for Hayek to make a publication on this special day in order to send him their congratulations. Almost instantly the actress posted the photo, her fans and friends began to write her many messages of love, good wishes and compliments.

The relationship between the two surprised and fascinated the whole world.  (Photo: @ salmahayek / Instagram)
The relationship between the two surprised and fascinated the whole world. (Photo: @ salmahayek / Instagram)

You look great at 55″, “You are really beautiful”, “Happy birthday, queen!”, “I love you, Salma”, “A huge hug from Coatzacoalcos, we hope you will visit us soon“,” Naturally beautiful, Salma “, were some of the comments she received.

For her anniversary photograph, Salma Hayek wore a blue suit with a neck bra. The actress posed without a drop of makeup on the shore of the beach, letting you see the crystal clear sea water and the beautiful vegetation of the place.

It is worth mentioning that the postcard was taken by nothing more and nothing less than her husband François-Henri Pinault, a French billionaire. Although the businessman does not appear in the photo, it can be seen that he was in front of the actress because his silhouette was projected on Salma’s body.

FOTO: Weekly Entretainment
FOTO: Weekly Entretainment

At the moment, the publication of the Veracruz has already exceeded 504 thousand “likes” and the number continues to grow due to the enormous number of fans it has. Just in your account Instagram, Salma Hayek has almost 19 million followers, while on Twitter it reached 475 thousand.

Throughout her career, the Mexican actress has participated in endless soap operas, films, series, advertising campaigns and modeling, spaces that have allowed her to live with great personalities of the medium such as Anthony Hopkins, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Owen Willson, Antonio Banderas y Adam Sandler.

His artistic career began to emerge in the 1980s, when he starred in Teresa, telenovela of televisa that years later would be reinterpreted by Bárbara Mori and Angelique Boyer. However, it was not until 1989 that his fame reached another level.

Angelina and Salma will be part of "The Eternals" (IG: salmahayek)
Angelina and Salma will be part of “The Eternals” (IG: salmahayek)

After his work in The alley of miracles and Frida, the actress found stability within the cinema. He is currently waiting for the premiere of The Eternals, the movie with which she became a heroine of the Marvel universe.

The woman from Veracruz will give life to “Foot”, The mother of Eternals, and together 9 other superheroes will embark on a new adventure from the production house. Within the cast, the presence of Angelina Jolie stood out, who appears as the main character of the story.

The Eternals It will premiere on November 5 and finally the new facet of the actress as a heroine will be seen.


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Salma Hayek turned 55 and celebrated by showing off her figure with an incredible swimsuit