The most famous detectives in the history of the seventh art

The most famous detectives in the history of the seventh art

The figure of the detective It has been used on more than one occasion to solve the most complicated cases in fiction. On a historical level, surely the first fictional characters were based on Eugene-François Vidocq, the first detective, who was previously a famous criminal, inspired, without any doubt, Dupin, the first investigator of fiction created by Edgar Allan Poe. The latter would lay the foundations of what would later become Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. The cinema has also taken advantage of the pull that these types of stories have, using the hounds of literature themselves or creating their own. Next, we show some of the most famous detectives in the history of the seventh art:

William of Baskerville

«The name of the Rose» (RFA)

Taken from the novel The name of the rose by Umberto Eco, in the cinema he was played by Sean Connery and his film of the same name, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. This story is between the most faithful film adaptations ever made of a book. Guillermo de Baskerville is based, according to Eco himself on Sherlock Holmes and the philosopher Guillermo de Ockham, standing out for his intelligence, humility and wisdom. This Franciscan friar is always committed to knowledge and curiosity as the engine of the mind. For that, surely If you were to confess any sin to him, he would already know it.

Sherlock Holmes

The most famous detectives
«Sherlock Holmes» (Warner Bros)

Without a doubt, he leads the group of the most famous detectives in the world. Arthur Conan Doyle’s character has been played by a lot of great actors: Gene Wilder, Ian McKellen, Robert Stephens, Christopher Plummer and most recently known Robert Downey Junior. This latest version stands out for being a modernization that perfectly matched in the style of Guy Ritchie. The portrayal of Downey as Sherlock and Jude Law as Watson is the biggest claim of the two films. We recently learned that there will be a third installment with both of them once again leading the cast.

El detective Benoit

The most famous detectives
“Daggers in the Back” (Filmnation Entertainment)

The most obvious example that the archetype is not dead and that you can still be creative by keeping some of the basic rules of the genre. The virtue and difference of the plot Daggers in the back is that as spectators we are ahead, in a matter of information regarding the character and that is something that never happens in other films starring detectives. His second installment is currently being shot in Greece, with an incredible cast.

Phillip Marlowe

The most famous detectives
“The Eternal Sleep” (Warner Bros)

We couldn’t deal with the detectives and we didn’t mention the genre par excellence of these, the black film. Philip Marlowe is a character created by Raymond Chandler who has been brought to life by Dick Powell, James Garner, James Caan … but without a doubt the one who has remained in the memory of all moviegoers is Humphrey Bogart. The eternal dream It serves as an introduction to a character who drinks too much and who is never tempted by the femme fatal on duty.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” (Morgan Creek productions)

Not everything is going to be serious in the world of detectives. Ace Ventura is not just any investigator, but is specialized in pets (not to say all kinds of animals). Totally atypical, he is one of the most famous detectives in cinema thanks, in part, to his way of attracting attention. Jim Carrey characterized the character with a Hawaiian shirt and an indelible toupee from the minds of the actor’s fans.

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The most famous detectives in the history of the seventh art