Tom Holland arrives in Madrid and the networks go crazy

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The actor Tom Holland has managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people around the world and the people of Madrid have not been the exception. Proof of this is the furor that the British visit to the Spanish capital has caused.

Holland was seen walking through the streets of Madrid with what appears to be part of his recording equipment this July 23th. Two fans witnessed its passage through Atocha and they recorded a video as evidence.

This is not the first time the actor has visited the country for work. The last time he was seen in Spain, it was during the recording of the film Uncharted, based on the famous homonymous video game, which at that time was carried out in the Valencian Community. On that occasion he also recorded scenes in Barcelona.

Several specialized media have indicated that the current visit is to re-record scenes from the same film, although it is not known if Madrid will be the final destination or if it will move to another part of Spain.

Although his presence should not cause surprise, the legion of fans that this young 25-year-old actor has have flooded the networks to lament for not having seen him or to express their wishes to meet him on the streets. The creativity of the users has been reflected in this flashmob the same.

The premiere of the film is scheduled to February 2022 and we will see Holland share screen with Mark Wahlberg. The interpreter, who plays Nathan Drake, has assured that “the easiest way to describe the film without belittling it in any way is that if Indiana Jones and James Bond had a son, that would be Nathan Drake.”


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Tom Holland arrives in Madrid and the networks go crazy