Will Smith shows off his gray hair and shows why he should take advantage of yours

Will Smith is being an example of how to love our body after 40s or 50s (or in general). The man recently uploaded a photograph with the extra kilos that he had gained in quarantine, and he is ready to perform a physical transformation, recording the process of recovering his figure for a YouTube series. But while that comes, the man has been seen with another sudden change. Her friend Elizabeth Woods posted a photo online where you can already see the actor with various canas Morgan Freeman style, really appropriating his age.

Will Smith and why you appreciate gray hair

The photograph that was uploaded to Instagram shows the actor in the Bahamas with a fairly short hair style, taking a bit of the classic style, but growing a beard, which is also a bit curious for Smith, who always appears shaved. In this you can also see a little of the canas of the actor and, considering this speech of self-love, he is not afraid to show them and take advantage of them.

Of course, the one who canas will come to Will Smith It was inevitable, the man is now 52 years old, and in fact still looks like a 30 year old man due to the excellent genetics and his focus on personal wellness. And while other men who begin to see their canas They try to do everything possible to hide them, either by wearing caps or by opting for a dye (which is only to hide a reality), the man accepts them and even makes us think that in the future we will see him more with this natural look.

On Will Smith, this look looks perfect just because of the style it has. Gray hair looks perfect when it is in simple cuts, since when it is longer it usually looks a bit thinner. That is one of the main lessons offered by the actor, who –by the way– in photography already seems to have recovered a large part of his figure. His arms look wide, his belly fat is not showing, and his pecs are returning to their previous strength.

But Smith You are not the only one who has accepted your canas in recent months. It is necessary to mention and praise Johnny Knoxville, who entered the production of Jackass 4, the next film of the stunt team, with a still dark hair, and came out with a perfect silver that has not hidden a bit and that – in fact – fits perfectly with the look of the also actor. The man also wears it relatively short but with his customary semi-Mohawk hairstyle.

Johnny Knoxville

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In general, in this new era we believe that it is much better to let the canas and take advantage of them in a look to discard them or try to hide them. In the case of dyeing, it is particularly uncomfortable since it has to be done constantly and on some occasions it can give the hair an unnatural appearance. The canas They are no longer a sign of age, but of maturity, and at the same time their silvery-white hue is much more interesting, although of course, it depends on the look and style of each man.

It is the same case of baldness, a natural process that some go through, and although that changes a bit as we see ourselves, it does not mean that it is negative. We can imagine that Smith will take advantage of this look and could even win him some more mature and interesting roles in the cinema, as well as giving him a more unique look. You already have canas?

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Will Smith shows off his gray hair and shows why he should take advantage of yours