8 celebrities who got rid of their PETS because they caused problems

A pet is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly, but when you decide to have a non-domestic animal as a pet, things get even more complicated.

Here is a list of celebrities who had to get rid of their exotic pets, because they got really complicated. Advertisements

1. Beyoncé had a snake that terrified her father

When Beyoncé still had a musical group with her sisters, they had a pet snake, who even slept with them.

However, the pet did not last long, as his father had a fear of snakes and one day he found it in his closet.

Beyoncé’s father forced his daughters to dispose of the animal.


2. Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee became aggressive over the years

Michael Jackson’s Chimp was treated like a child. He wore human clothes, had his own bedroom, and even ate at the same table as Michael.

However, in 2003 the Chimpanzee began to worry Michael because he was becoming more and more aggressive, and he began to attack people.

Michael decided to relocate him to a chimpanzee sanctuary, where he was given a proper lifestyle.

3. Khloé Kardashian’s peacock was forgotten in one of her houses

In 2012, Khloé Kardashian decided to adopt a wild peacock that had turned up in her neighbors’ backyard.

It was her pet for a long time, but when she decided to sell her house, the influencer made the sale “with a peacock included.”

The house was sold to Kaley Cuoco, who took care of the bird for a time, until she sold it again, and no one knew about the Peacock’s whereabouts.

4. Tyga bought a tiger cub and a few days later it was confiscated

Rapper Tyga showed off his “new acquisition”, a 7-month-old tiger cub that he posted on his social media.

However, the rapper was unaware that it is illegal to have this type of animal in California and after a few days it was seized.

The tiger was relocated to a sanctuary, where he tragically lost his life due to a fight he had with another tiger.

Elvis Presley had all kinds of exotic animals in his house. Farm animals, peacocks and wallabies.

The singer had to give the latter to the zoo, because the marsupials began to see their reflection in the singer’s Cadillac, and seriously scratched the paint.


6. Mike Tyson had a tiger that attacked multiple people

Mike Tyson bought his white tiger when he was in prison, during a call with his representative.

The tiger not only attacked Mike Tyson several times, but seriously injured the arm of a woman who had entered the boxer’s house.

Tyson had to give the woman $ 250,000 and get rid of her Tiger.

7. Pink called her dog “F * cker” and that caused an embarrassing incident.

In the 2000’s, Pink was so rebellious that she named her name “F * cker”, a rather rude name in America.

Once the dog got lost in a restaurant, and the singer screamed his name all over the place, horrifying the customers there.

The singer decided to give the dog to her father, who renamed it “Fred.”


8. Nicolas Cage bought two albino cobras to “protect himself from thieves”

Nicolas Cage decided to pay a large sum of money to buy two albino cobras to use as “home protection”.

Cage also bought several doses of antidote in case an accident occurs while handling these exotic animals.

Before long, Nicolas Cage had to get rid of his rare acquisition because he needed money.

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8 celebrities who got rid of their PETS because they caused problems