Amazon Studios Spain: ‘Bet, commitment and opportunity’

Amazon Studios Spain: ‘Bet, commitment and opportunity’

“We are betting hard, committing ourselves to Spanish production and talent, which gives us new opportunities to engage the local audience but especially all Latin American markets,” the executive began. When analyzing the content offer of Amazon Prime Video in Spain the first thing that is glimpsed is a diversity of proposals, he added. ‘Our stories are loaded with universal characters that allow them to grow outside our borders. We have productions like El Cid, whose second installment arrives this month, but also the drama A Private Affair, a police thriller mixed with comedy, or the format LOL: If you laugh, you lose, which has been adapted in other markets. ‘

Produced by Bamboo Productions, this dramedy has 8 episodes and stars the french actor Jean Reno and Aura Garrido. Created by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, it follows in the footsteps of Marina (Garrido), an intrepid high-society woman who sets out to catch a serial killer with the help of her butler, Héctor ( Reindeer). ‘In unscripted, in addition to LOL: If you laugh, you lose, a highly successful IP in Mexico and Spain, we have The Legend of Sergio Ramos over the icon Real Madrid or the documentaries The Challenge, whose second installment focuses on the attacks of 11M, GEOS: beyond the limit, where we will meet the elite body of the Spanish police and Celebrity Bake Off (BBC) with a ‘very special’ cast, said Rodríguez Pérez.

LOL: If you laugh, you lose
is a success story not only in Spain, but also in Mexico and other territories

‘This is one of the main objectives from Amazon: to tell diverse stories, which allows us to give customers the maximum volume, quality and variety. We do not have a fixed number of productions, nor goals, much less genres. For us what matters is quality: we have an obsession to find the best projects that can be dramas, comedies, thrillers or horror, as well as entertainment or factual / documentaries’, he completed.

Regarding the adaptations of international formats, whose presence has begun to grow in the streamers, the executive points out that the production is very similar to that of a linear television station, but that what changes is the programming strategy. ‘The big debate we go through is whether we release it for binge-watching or weekly. LOLFor example, we do it weekly and save the final to release it a week later, avoiding spoilers. But we do not tie ourselves to any formula: it all depends on the product and the consumer we are targeting, ‘he said.

El Cid 2
: the history of Spain told through ambitious projects

The Spanish market is one of the most competitive in Europe. What are the Amazon spreads? ‘The best thing about our proposal is the variety: at the end of the day it’s not just Prime Video, but its combination with Audible, Twitch and other options that give a complete and robust offer. Regarding the content, we are very focused on the differential of quality and unique stories’, he completed.

‘Our team is international with offices across the globe – one of the funniest things about this job is staying connected and asking our colleagues for help. We synergize a lot and much of our success has to do with this. We are open to projects that may come from Spain or abroad: we listen to ideas and we highly respect those who passionately bring us stories, ‘concluded Rodríguez Pérez.

The Legend of Sergio Ramos
with the story of the Real Madrid icon


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Amazon Studios Spain: ‘Bet, commitment and opportunity’