CinemaCon 2021 | The first footage of Samaritan, Sylvester Stallone’s superhero movie, was shown

Sylvester Stallone has had a long and strange career throughout all these years. He had a prolific career as an action star during the seventies, eighties and even part of the nineties. Then it went into the background until The Indestructibles was released – 41% and his career took a second wind. He even just came out in a superhero movie, although only his voice. Do not forget that he gave life to King Shark in The Suicide Squad – 91%.

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Something that maybe not everyone knows is that he has another superhero movie on the horizon. It’s about Samaritan, which is going to be directed by Julius Avery. The script was written by Bragi F. Schut. In fact, he wrote the homonymous comic on which this film is based and which features art by Marc-Oliver Frisch. The premise fits like a glove to Stallone. The story centers on a retired superhero who has been in hiding for 20 years until a boy discovers his identity and asks him to return to action.

You could say, without a doubt, that it is another film that reflects on a figure similar to Superman, only that this time it is not an evil version; here it is really about a hero who feels like a failure and outnumbered by time.

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The film opens in August next year and so far we have not seen a trailer or anything like that. There is an official image and the actor himself was posting about it frequently on his social networks while it was filming. We could be seeing a trailer very soon because footage of the film was shown at CinemaCon. This was revealed Screen Rant and uploaded a description of what was seen in the video. This has given us a better idea of ​​the plot of this movie. Here you can read it:

Stallone starts off by picking up trash (he’s a sanitation worker), but he takes something from the truck because he likes to collect things. We see a montage of the city and the world in decline, with the character of Stallone living his life from day to day, ignoring all the bad. Samaritan is a superhero who ‘died thirty years earlier’, he says, but it is clearly not true. A boy meets Stallone / Samaritan, they argue about him leaving his retirement. Then Stallone is hit by a car and his body twists strangely. Then he puts his body in its place and says that he is not as strong as he used to be – he is a superhuman. We see several action shots, along with one in which Samaritan’s helmet is crushed. The boy asks him why he disappeared, but he does not give a clear answer. More action shots are shown and then he ends up in a warehouse with Stallone without his Samaritan outfit getting out of a smashed car and fighting people hand to hand and also with a sledgehammer, all while being shot at by a dozen people; he has super strength and is invulnerable to gunshots. The scene ends with him being completely surrounded and the warehouse exploding.

On the other hand, this is not the only project that the actor has on the horizon. In March of this year, he posted on his Instagram that he wrote a Rocky prequel – 92% for some streaming service:

This may be the strangest post yet. I started this morning writing a treatment for a streaming Rocky prequel. Ideally, 10 episodes over a few seasons to really get to the hearts of the characters in their younger years. Here is a small part of how my creative writing process begins … I hope it happens. And then I needed to clear my mind, so I went fishing. … Talking about extremes! Keep fighting, friends.

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CinemaCon 2021 | The first footage of Samaritan, Sylvester Stallone’s superhero movie, was shown