Keanu Reeves: 7 Lessons We Learned From His Simple And Great Style

We could say that the Keanu Reeves style relies on ragged t-shirts, three-piece suits, relaxed jackets, distressed denim, jackets biker, hiking boots and beanies. But it is not the garments themselves that achieve such an incredible image; it is the actor’s attitude and his casual sense of combining these pieces that is striking. And that light-hearted, spontaneous spirit is what we’re aiming for when we review her wardrobe choices. So take a note and open a beer; just relax. That imitating Keanu’s looks is a journey of tranquility and urban elegance, far from presumption and very close to great.

1. Since always, with the same style

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It was 1986 and Keanu Reeves it came into our lives through the screens. His characters from back then – some with very good looks too – don’t have much to do with what he does today, but his wardrobe has remained constant. Tees Basic and black blazers are a basic that we must emulate.

2. Streetwear sophistication

A haircut that we have also seen reborn in recent years.

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In those years when the media claimed that there was a romance between Winona Ryder and him, Reeves was the perfect model of a style that took up the elegance of a jacket and accompanied it with straight jeans, a belt and a shirt that could well have come out of the supermarket. A lesson that we must not lose sight of and continue to believe that everything we use must come from a very luxurious fashion store. Balance sheets are everything.

3. Rockstar

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Keanu has shown us that long hair looks good at 50. We all recognize him for his long hair always parted and somewhat matted. However, the actor has changed his hairstyle several times; Among the most prominent, the very short and spiky one that he wore in 1990 with his grunge band Dogstar.

4. Move with the trends, but always be yourself

A total black with no expiration date.

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Leather jackets always take on more character with time and use.

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A timeless image that we can adapt well to 2020.

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Winning combination. Write it down.

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For example of this point, the five photographs above. Keanu joined the more structured blazers movements, silhouettes oversized, ripped jeans, tailored cut pants lose… All this at different times in his life and career. However, every choice has never meant dressing up as someone who is not. He knows perfectly what things he likes and how to adapt fashion to his own spirit. An instruction that you must follow to the letter if you are a man who seeks to always dress well after 30.

5. Versatility

If you look closely, in this photo only two elements of her usual look vary.

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As a consequence of the previous lesson, when you have a style which is so, but so yours, you can go from the most casual situations to the most formal ones without having to make so many changes. Ultimately, the people around you will take your choices for granted. Although, of course, there are places or situations where you should arrive with a tie and shoes that are better cared for than your daily tennis shoes.

6. Take a garment and make it your badge

Another combo of colors that cannot go wrong.

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In addition to what we’ve already said about being authentic and true to your own tastes, Reeves He is a master at showing that when you have a garment that is very yours, no matter where you go, it will always be your best company. In your case, it’s the hiking boots. Can you imagine it without it? What is it in your closet that the rest of us could not think away from you?

7. Have fun

That haircut has always accompanied him.

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Finally, many of us can come and tell you what to do or what not to do; but the one who has the last word (always) is you. And most important of all, is to enjoy yourself and act with complete confidence. Have fun with each of your choices. Without that, none of the above can take effect.

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Keanu Reeves: 7 Lessons We Learned From His Simple And Great Style