Keanu Reeves’ diet to be like John Wick

Keanu Reeves it is eternal. For a long time the Internet has pointed out how the man who started his career in the late 80s has barely aged a bit, looking like a fresh and young man, standing as an example for everyone. On the other hand, the actor has found a way to remain one of the favorites of the audience thanks to the recent John Wick tapes where he showed his athleticism by murdering hundreds of henchmen with skills in martial arts and the use of weapons. of fire.

But while other actors are preparing for action roles, it seems that Keanu (style icon) was ready to play the agent, staying athletic at his age. All he had to do was undergo military training to perfect the movements he would perform on screen. As for food, he followed his customary diet that he has followed for years and that was enough.

Your training diet

The man told Men’s Journal about his training diet: “Low sodium, low fat and the night before a big fight sequence I still eat a steak.” This custom, he notes, began when he worked in The Matrix, which – although it was not his first action film – certainly was a watershed for his career. “It said ‘I have to eat a fillet, Carrie-Anne (Moss) ‘It’s completely psychological.’ As for the cut you prefer, you like a New York with a little fat. This could be a great option as it gives you plenty of protein before a strong physical activity.

On having a particular diet, it doesn’t seem like that, but the actor does follow some basic eating rules that could help his youthful and fresh look. According to some reports, he believes in consuming food in small portions to avoid excess and become too full. On the other hand, it maintains a balance between foods by giving it the nutrients what do you need. Among the staples found in your food are rice, chicken, pasta and vegetables, four foods that are usually among those recommended to maintain weight. While he’s not acting he likes to drink beer, wine or whiskey, but everything with measure.

Also, something important about the Keanu’s diet is that man does not get carried away by fast food, avoiding it completely. In fact, small but well-balanced meals keep you from craving just by eating a protein bar. Furthermore, your focus on carbohydrates from foods like whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits help keep you healthy and fit.

Usually, Keanu keeps in shape on this diet, but also thanks to the unusual physical activity to which he submits, being a fan of stunt actions, always wanting to perform the dangerous acts (even when he can get in trouble with his insurance). Let’s not forget that man is also an avid lover of motorcycles and speed, as well as other sports such as surfing. If we leave him with a balanced diet, we can certainly understand why he looks so good at his age.

At the moment Keanu Reeves He is preparing for the fourth part of John Wick and the Matrix so he undoubtedly had to undergo more training, perhaps later he will tell us if he had to change his diet. The two films will be released within the next few years so we will have to wait to see more of their characters, and their preparation. Do you want a diet like Keanu’s? Just eat healthy.

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Keanu Reeves’ diet to be like John Wick