Milla Jovovich’s dilemma: great movie heroine or a pigeonhole career? | Celebrities, Vips

Milla Jovovich’s dilemma: great movie heroine or a pigeonhole career?  |  Celebrities, Vips

Eight. That is the number of times Jovovich mile has collaborated with the director, screenwriter and producer Paul W.S. Anderson on the big screen in the last twenty years. Both agreed for the first time in Resident Evil, one of the first and most successful film adaptations of a video game. The blockbuster it changed both their lives. The acclaimed Ukrainian model confirmed that she had a place as a Hollywood star, confirming the pop impact that her character Leeloo – the one with the orange bob wig – had on The fifth element and moving away from the catwalks. In the case of the British, at that time a thirty-year-old with only one film behind him, he achieved the status of master of the science fiction and horror genre that he continues to hold despite criticism. Beyond the professional field, their meeting above all marked the beginning of a sentimental relationship that has survived to this day and that has resulted in up to three children. However, before the premiere of his umpteenth four-handed project, Monster Hunter, more and more people are wondering what would have happened to Jovovich’s promising career had they not fallen in love with the director.

“I think he realized that to be with me you also have to work with me”, says the actress in one of her most recent interviews, with Vogue Arabia, about the duration of his sentimental and professional relationship with the filmmaker. The touch makes the affection and Jovovich is the best proof of it. The three times he has said ‘yes, I do’ have been to men who were partners rather than couples. In 1992, at only 17 years old, the actor Shawn Andrews, with whom he had shared scenes in the cult film Movida del 76 (Dazed and confused). A marriage that barely lasted a few months after her mother asked for annulment because she was a minor. In 1997 he repeated with the Frenchman Luc Besson, director of The fifth element, In Las Vegas. Divorced two years later, her affair with Paul WS Anderson was forged on the set of Resident Evil And after almost a decade of interrupted relationship, they got married in 2009.

Alice’s role in ‘Resident Evil’ was the biggest hit to date for the Ukrainian. Photo: Columbia

On Monster Hunter, her latest collaboration also based on a popular video game, Milla Jovovich plays Lieutenant Artemis, a warrior who must fight ferocious monsters to save humanity. Role that he has consistently played – exchanging monsters for zombies or aliens – in a filmography considered by the specialized press as one of the most pigeonholed in recent years. After starting with classics of modern cinema like those mentioned Move of 76 and The fifth element O Zoolander, many lament their predicament for performing in front of a green screen. A label that the Ukrainian, who at just 11 years old had a dazzling entry into the world of fashion, admits and embraces without complexes. “At first I was like, ‘Oh, I’m getting pigeonholed. I’m an artist and this is just part of me. ‘ But then I have been in a franchise and I have had continued work … So pigeonhole me, please “, declared proudly to

Milla Jovovich y Paul W.S. Anderson Photo: GETTY

Instead of regretting what may or may not have become of his career, Jovovich’s supporters defend their key role in breaking down historical stereotypes and glass ceilings, like the one that argued that women could not star in action movies because they did not interest viewers. The nearly one billion euros raised by the franchise Resident Evil They deny that statement and action heroines who came after such as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot or Scarlett Johansson took advantage of the path traveled by Jovovich to not lose an iota of prestige by donning latex suits and pointing at their villains. “Yes Resident Evil had it been done in the United States, he would have hired a man and we would have been his harem or his entourage. Big studios don’t trust women to attract this type of audience “, noted in the BBC.

The model and actress in a frame from the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise. Photo: Cordon Press

At 45 years old, and after two decades immersed in an industry that tends to defenestrates actresses when they enter maturity, Jovovich can boast that he is still in force in Hollywood, even at the cost of killing space monsters. Also of having forged a legacy that is already noticeable in the industry, perhaps more valuable than having an Oscar nomination or a Golden Globe for best dramatic actress on television. The media that have systematically underestimated his career now draw hagiographic profiles of his figure, such as Los Angeles Times, that brands her as a “pioneer” and a “formidable heroine”. And the eldest of her three children, Ever Anderson, will soon follow in her footsteps in the profession with the new adaptation of Peter Pan preparing Disney, in which she will play Wendy. Who wants to be ‘Almodóvar girl’ or ‘Allen girl’ could be ‘Anderson girl’?

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Milla Jovovich’s dilemma: great movie heroine or a pigeonhole career? | Celebrities, Vips