Pablo Motos, Terelu Campos, Richard Gere, Pepe Reina, Solidarity

There is no pretty without her but nor ugly without her grace.
Colombian saying


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The news of August 31 is marked in Today’s Facts by the names of Aristides and Ramon and for the anniversary of the emperor’s birth Caligula.

The proclamation of August 31 as International Day of Solidarity It was carried out to promote and strengthen the ideals of solidarity as fundamental values ​​for relations in and between nations, peoples and individuals.


On a day like today, in 1813, the city of San Sebastián suffered a terrible fire during the Napoleonic wars; in 1888, Jack the Ripper claimed his first victim, Mary Ann Nichols; in 1928, Turkey abandoned the Arabic alphabet and adopted the Latin one; in 1957, Malaysia achieved its independence; in 1961, Spain withdrew its troops from Morocco; in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago becomes independent; in 1997, Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, dies in a car accident in Paris.

Character of the day

Maria Montessori (August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952), graduated in Medicine, Italian educator and founder of the method that has the same name.

His phrase

“The first task of education is to shake life, but to leave it free to develop.”

They were also born a August, 31 the roman emperor Caligula (year 12), the journalist Terelu Campos (1965), TV presenter Pablo Motos (1965), American actor James Coburn (1928) Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison (1945), American actor Richard Gere (1949), Queen of Jordan Rania (1970) and the goalkeeper of the Spanish team Pepe Reina (1982).

Saints of the day

Ramón Nonato, name of Germanic origin and that means the same as Raymond, “advice and protection”.
Aristides, name that comes from the Greek
and means “the best”.

The joke

The reason God was able to create the universe in six days is that he didn’t have to worry about making it backward compatible.


You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your soul to things you don’t want to feel.


There is no pretty without her but,
nor ugly without his grace.

To read and meditate

Do not deny the poor their sustenance, do not make those who look at you supplicating wait.
Ecclesiasticus 4, 1.

Give me a fish and I will dinner this night,
teach me to fish and I’ll always dine.
Chinese proverb

Ask the old and the young for advice
but follow your own common sense.
Arabic proverb

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Pablo Motos, Terelu Campos, Richard Gere, Pepe Reina, Solidarity