prices, channels and conditions to watch the 2021/2022 season

prices, channels and conditions to watch the 2021/2022 season

Although we can also see it in Orange (Vodafone is out for the third consecutive year), the rights to broadcast all football in Spain They are owned by Movistar. And that not only includes LaLiga and the Champions, but also LaLiga SmartBank and the UEFA Europa League, as well as the rights of the German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A until 2024.

Next, we explain in detail how much it costs to watch football on Movistar this year, on which dials each competition is broadcast and what are the functions that Movistar + has available on broadcasts of the beautiful sport. All this without forgetting the limitations, which are also there, especially in the multi-device facet of the platform.

How much does it cost to watch football in Movistar

Movistar prices to contract televised football during the 2021/2022 season they are around, one more year, 100 euros. In return, it also includes fiber, landline, mobile and the possibility of watching the contracted television channels on more than one device at the same time, although with some limitations that we will comment on later.

Comparison of the television of Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Virgin and others: channels, price and advantages

If we compare the cost of the 2021/2022 football season with that of the previous year, we see that Movistar maintains its Fusion rates practically unchanged to watch football. Although, yes, the price of hiring all competitions it has become more expensive 6 euros, going from 114 euros last year to 120 this season (with a discount for new customers).

The base price to see all the football in Movistar has risen from 114 euros last year to 120 this season, although there is a discount for new customers

Basically, we have six packs Fusion with football from 95 euros per month: two alternatives for Fusion Selection that allow us to choose between LaLiga or Champions + Europa League, the Fusion Plus Football plan with all football and the three modalities of Total Fusion with all football:

  • Merger Selection with LaLiga (95 euros per month): 105 euros per month with 1 Gbps fiber.

  • Fusion Selection with the Champions League (95 euros per month): 105 euros per month with 1 Gbps fiber.

  • Selection Plus fusion with football (120 euros per month): 57.50 euros per month for three months for new clients.

  • Total Fusion (150 euros per month): Also includes Disney +.

  • Fusion Total Plus (175 euros per month): Also includes Disney +, Movies, Sports, and DAZN.

  • Fusion Total Plus 4 lines (200 euros per month): It also includes Disney +, Cinema, Sports and DAZN, in addition to four mobile lines instead of the two offered by the rest of the packages.

Within the promotions for new customers, Movistar also includes a free Netflix subscription for three months and allows you to choose for free between un smartphone 5G o una Smart TV Xiaomi 55″ in exchange for a three-year stay.

Where and how to watch LaLiga and the Champions League

Movistar Sports

All LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank matches are available at the Movistar LaLiga channel (dial 46), including The Partidazo of each day. In addition, through #Vamos (dial 8), available to all clients of the platform, it is possible to watch two matches each day of LaLiga SmartBank.

Soccer in Movistar +: how the virtual image and audio of the matches are created

In addition to watching the matches of each day of LaLiga on dial 46 of Movistar +, they will also be available the multichannels of Movistar LaLiga (dials 47, 48, 49 and from 176 to 182) and GOL (dial 63), which broadcasts one game open every day. Here you can check the schedules and dials of the First Division and the schedules and dials of the Second Division.

The UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches, meanwhile, will be available on the channels of Movistar Champions League (dials 50, 51, 52 and from 186 to 191).

In addition, Fiber TV customers with the UHD decoder and a compatible 4K television can enjoy LaLiga Santander matches in UHD quality in Movistar LaLiga UHD (dials 440 and 443) and UEFA Champions League matches in 4K on Movistar Champions League UHD (dial 441). The rest are broadcast HD 1080i image quality.

As for the Bundesliga and Serie A, #Let’s go (dial 8) offers live the best match of each day of the German and Italian leagues. The rest of the live matches are accessible from Movistar Champions League (dial 50), through the main channel and the multi-channels of the same name.

Available functions and restrictions

Movistar Soccer 2021 2022

Apart from live matches, Movistar offers numerous programs and soccer reports, such as El Día Later, La Casa del Fútbol, ​​#Vamos en game or the sports newscast Noticias #Vamos. The easiest way to locate all this content is to access the Sports section of the Movistar + menu, available for ADSL and Fiber TV customers, and Movistar + on devices.

How to activate the free DAZN account for Movistar customers

It should also be noted that, when watching the matches, we also have Movistar + functionalities available: live control (for customers with satellite TV available with iPlus), watching from the start (not available for customers with satellite TV) and Picture in Picture to watch a game in a window while playing another channel (only with UHD decoder). As a novelty, this year, the Multicamera Signal (or Mosaic) is included, a split screen with a real-time statistics module.

Football channels can only be tuned away from home from the app for smartphones / tablets or on the computer, but not from the app for Smart TV, Chromecast, Fire TV or Apple TV

In addition, Movistar allows you to have the multi-device service on five devices (the decoder + additional four), but it will only play simultaneously on three devices if they are connected to the WiFi at home or on a single device away from home. And something important: football channels can only be tuned away from home from the app for smartphones / tablets or on the computer, but not from the app for Smart TV, Chromecast, Fire TV or Apple TV.

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prices, channels and conditions to watch the 2021/2022 season