Robert Downey Jr. and how to dress after 40

It seems that the roster of the actors of the Marvel Universe are competing for the best look … and Robert Downey Jr. is winning. In part it may be due to the fact that he is Iron Man, but the truth is that the man has a unique style that he even managed to transfer to the screen in that character (and took elements of him in real life). In each of his performances, RDJ looks really good in his outfits, looking pretty fresh after 40, and he has some lessons you can learn from him.

Although in his best films, Robert Downey Jr. has perfect looks, this time we focus on reality. Take note.

It’s all in the accessories

There is no event in recent years where Downey Jr. I would not have appeared without some amazing shaded glasses. They are the already classic element of the actor and we cannot even imagine how large his collection is since he really alternates between models as if they were socks. The interesting thing is also that the man is not so affectionate of a single brand and we have seen it with different ones, such as Garret Leight, Matsuda, Police, among others, although we can imagine that the ones with the most presence in your closet are the Oliver Peoples that he does not forget. Not only are the designs great (and they fit the shape of his face) but the shading gives him that cool, relaxed tone for a mature man that makes him look younger. It is a trick that Paul Bettany It has also perfected and that proves to be key to looking good post 30s or 40s.

Star Wars could have Robert Downey Jr. as a signing in a series

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But that is not all. Another key accessory in the outfits of Robert Downey Jr. are luxury watches and here you have a huge selection that even showed off to GQ and among which are several Rolexes, such as a GMT Master II and a Oyster Perpetual Submariner, besides that it has Omega, Patek Phillipe y Jaeger. All these have in common is that they have a modern look without straying from the seriousness that houses are known for. There are even some models that seem to make direct reference to Iron ManBut it also has some classic pieces, proving that a man can look just as good as his watch collection.

But … the clothes

A suit of envy.

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Sure, accessories do quite a bit for Robert Downey Jr. but these only serve to accentuate the rest of your outfits. Man has already established his own unique style, which we can immediately identify. The base is a suit, always tailored, and here we also imagine him with a huge collection in his closet where he has everything, from the obligatory black and serious ones, to others in light tones, always with other garments that combine perfectly. , and this applies to both formal and casual settings.

Vertical lines.

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Among the best suits we have seen RDJ there are those with vertical lines in different colors, or those that come with pictures also with a fresh tonality. These looks take away the serious element but stay classic with men’s wardrobe essentials. Along with accessories, there is basically no outfit that makes something look wrong. Overall, she maintains a spirit of fun and experimentation, never failing in her looks.

Everything in the blazer.

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In others it keeps only the blazer as the serious element, leaving the rest with jeans, tennis and one shirt, trying to the minimum but always looking interesting. In truth, he is a man with a difficult style to catalog and it only makes us think that his closet is huge and envious.

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Robert Downey Jr. and how to dress after 40