‘Shang-Chi’: China does not want to release Marvel Studios film over racial issue – movie news

‘Shang-Chi’: China does not want to release Marvel Studios film over racial issue – movie news

If ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’ does not premiere in the country that is celebrating the plot, the title of Phase 4 of the MCU would have a fairly discreet box office compared to others, as it is a primary market for Marvel Studios .

In news that seems fake but is real China is not convinced to release for its public Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Just as they read it. Behind this controversial decision there are a couple of reasons that are difficult to ignore: the country is governed under a socialist political state and the past of the Kung Fu Master It seems that it has not been forgotten by many of the people who in the seventies complained about the racist theme carried by the character of the Dr. Fu Manchu.

The day of the premiere of the film by the filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton and Simu Liu, in the reins of the main character, Kevin Feige spent 14 minutes talking with a prestigious Chinese film critic, Raymond Zhou, patiently resolved many of the doubts concerning the racial issue, one of them, and the most important and the heart of the matter, was to underline the absence of the villain created by the novelist Sax Rohmer because Marvel Comics It does not have the rights to exploit and use its image since the eighties.

“We wouldn’t even wish we had him in our cast. The theme of being Shang-Chi’s father was modified many, many years ago and we never intended to revive it for this movie.. There is definitely no trace that leads us to him, “Feige said, according to Variety. It seems that the critic was incisive and nailed his questions repeatedly regarding the villain in question. We can interpret him by the redundancy of the answers of the president of Marvel Studios.

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Fu Manchu was criticized by Asian society in the 1970s for portraying a negative image about them, creating the stereotype of being the bad guys in Western popular culture. Marvel Comics, its writer, cartoonist and many people seem to have received criticism for its use in 1973. This same year, the debut of Shang-Chi, the comics began to direct the hero towards western culture, little by little forgetting his Asian roots. Clearly a strategy to enter the market for American readers.

Marvel Studios

The actors represent Asian roots.

“That’s exactly what we changed for the film. Almost everything (negative) that has happened in our comics in the 60s, 70s and 80s has come out, we are only left with important elements to turn them around (positively) to make them part of the MCU. Those traits mentioned are not part of ours, “he explained. Zhou managed to stress Feige, because he also pointed out that heThe Chinese do not see Liu with charisma and the values ​​required to be represented.

The critic stretched Feige’s willingness to stop and clear up all the doubts to the maximum, however, the critic took him out of his mind and, respectfully, the executive and producer asked that they better see the film to avoid making such delicate judgments ahead of time. , he even applied the always reliable: “If you don’t know someone, Google it“. Binder! It only remains to know if the film passes the filters imposed by the government of the People’s Republic of China. for any production that seeks to be exhibited in its land.

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China has not yet decided if it will premiere ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’.

And as is, on the tape, Shang-Chi (Liu) returns to the land where he was born to resolve pending family issues, embracing his lineage and celebrating each custom rooted in the education that his father gave him, the Mandarín Wenwu (Tony Leung) and his mother, Ying-Li (Fala Chen). The days are critical to whether China will be able to witness the film, otherwise the film will have a severe hit at the box office due to its absence in theaters, where almost nine billion tickets are sold per year, and the painful need of the fan to resort to piracy.

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‘Shang-Chi’: China does not want to release Marvel Studios film over racial issue – movie news