Taekwondo: the main benefits of martial art

Taekwondo: the main benefits of martial art

The taekwondo (also known as taekuondo or with the abbreviation TKD) is a martial art originally Korean which was founded since 1955 in Seoul, capital of South Korea. In its origin several historical events coexist such as the occupation of Japan in the territory and the teaching of other sports such as judo and kendo.

At that time, Martial Arts korean they were banned and only a few people practiced them in secret. It was not until the liberation of Korea that his teachings were re-normalized, although at that time the Art martial korean they weren’t so popular anymore. It was only after World War II, after the liberation of the country by the Allies, that Korean masters were able to revive their ancient combat techniques, including the taekwondo.

The practice of taekwondo it progressed more and more until it became an Olympic discipline, something that in our times we can see in the Olympic Games with important representatives, such as Pita Taufatofua, who caught the attention of the Tokyo 2020 spectators.

But the integration of taekwondo in public life it has quite a controversial history, as you know by now. However, the benefits of this martial art They are not only cultural and historical, but also have to do with the health of the body and mind. We tell you some examples.

Taekwondo improves reaction capacity

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Better reactions

The practice of taekwondo allows people to develop their ability to react to danger. When training is constant, people become much quicker to react to a threat and know the best ways to defend against it.

Stimulates concentration

Because the taekwondo It requires many rules and patience, its beneficial effects on concentration have been noted. Especially in children, who tend to practice it frequently and who have seen positive results in schools, for example.

Greater spirituality

In addition to training for the fights of the taekwondo, the art martial It is intended to serve as a spiritual and mental training that teaches how to live life with peace and control. In fact, its name implies “the correct way to use all parts of the body to stop fighting and help build a better and more peaceful world.” So it is not only a physical training, but also a mental and spiritual one. In that sense, perhaps it is similar to yoga, a practice that you should try and that also proposes physical and mental exercise at the same time.

Flexibility and strength

For the type of postures that this art martial demand, the taekwondo helps improve flexibility and strength of people, as well as coordination and endurance. It also promotes cardiovascular health through movement and enhances body recognition.

Develop self-control

Once again, we are not surprised that children practice taekwondo so frequently, and it is now known that this discipline develops self-control due to the type of routines that are practiced, where children must learn to recognize their body and control their movements, as well as to develop patience and coordination.

Improve self-confidence

Because the taekwondo It provides tools for self-defense, people who practice it feel more self-confident and more confident in their ability to react correctly to threatening stimuli.

Its benefits make it a common practice in children

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Today is the International Taekwondo DaySo we think the best way to celebrate it is by learning about its benefits and its history. You can also commemorate the celebration by watching some of the most eye-catching acts the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games had, including taekwondo routines.

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Taekwondo: the main benefits of martial art