These are the best Netflix movies that will be released in June

These are the best Netflix movies that will be released in June

Continuing with its commitment to be the streaming channel with the most content, we can see the best Netflix movies throughout the month of June. Exclusive titles on the platform and interesting proposals that the small screen giant adds to its catalog are reasons, more than enough to change all our plans. Get out a pen and paper and write down the next appointments on the calendar.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” (3 de Junio)

«Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal» (Toei animation)

The return of the popular Sailor Moon anime that dazzled both boys and girls during the 90s. Starring la carismática Usagi Tsukino, this story adapts one of the plots created by the original mangaka Naoko Takeuchi. The original series was censored due to its LGTB characters in its broadcast in Spain, let’s hope that Netflix will take measures to return the original identity to its characters. It is one of the best Netflix movies that we can see in anime format.

“Xtremo” (June 4)

«Xtremo» (Netflix)

This Spanish film is characterized by promising many martial arts and action with an interesting cast: Óscar Jaenada, Óscar Casas, Andrea Duro, Juan Diego, Luis Zahera and Sergio Peris-Mencheta. An atypical film that will mark the genre in the purest “John wick” style.

“Disomnia” (June 4)

The best Netflix movies
«Disomnia» (Netflix)

A dystopian film that takes place after An asteroid shower has wiped out all the electronic devices on earth. In addition, the event leads to a collective sleep disorder, people can no longer sleep. An ex-soldier named Jill will travel the country to protect her daughter, who seems to be the key to everything.

“The dragon of wishes” (June 9)

“The Dragon of Wishes” (Netflix)

Finding a childhood friend accompanied by a wish dragon? This is possibly one of the best Netflix movies to watch with little ones. Its protagonist Din is a university student of few means, whom we will accompany in a story with a message: Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to the really important things.

“A Ghost Story” (7 de junio)

«A Ghost Story» (A24 films)

The movie indie of ghosts of 2017. With an atypical setting and a tiny budget, A Ghost Story had un budget of $ 100,000 and raised more than a million and a half. Despite its tight budget, this independent film features Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.

“Rainy Day in New York” (June 11)

“Rainy Day in New York” (Amazon Studios)

An history about loves and heartbreaks with a somewhat histrionic protagonist It is a brand of Woody Allen. The city of New York once again has his full attention, in the story of a young man who does not know very well what to do with his partner.

“Once upon a time in Hollywood” (June 13)

The best Netflix movies
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (Columbia Pictures)

Tarantino and his story of what Hollywood was like in the years of a fictional actor in low hours played by Leonardo Dicaprio. Brad Pitt won his first Oscar for this charismatic character, capable of beating Bruce Lee himself.

“Daggers in the back” (June 19)

“Daggers in the Back” (FilmNation Entertainment)

It was taking a long time to join the best Netflix movies this Cluedo investigated by Detective Benoit. The streeaming company has already announced that Rian Johnson will work on two more installments of the franchise exclusively. A great opportunity to return to enjoy a night of movie and blanket, while We accompany Ana de Armas in an investigation in which she is the main suspect.

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These are the best Netflix movies that will be released in June