Will make you laugh with Hart and Wahlberg

Omar Cabrera / Agencia Reforma

MEXICO CITY.-After arming Charlie’s Angels (with Kristen Stewart) or being a racing driver in Misterio a Bordo (with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler), now the Mexican Luis Gerardo Méndez will make people laugh with Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart.
The actor will join the comedy Me Time, which Netflix is ​​preparing and which will feature other figures, such as Regina Hall, and the direction and writing of John Hamburg (Why Him?).
“I am very happy, I will be part of this movie. Boogie Nights is one of my favorite movies, so working with Mark is a dream.
And Kevin Hart is a genius of comedy and he’s a bullet, he has an important agility. Suddenly being on set with him, being able to respond at that speed, in addition, in a language that is not mine, is a great challenge ”, shared Méndez, in an interview by video call.
Me Time will tell the story of a father (Wahlberg) who is now home with enough time to himself for the first time in his life, without children or a wife, so he reconnects with an old friend (Hart) from childhood. to embark on a wild adventure.
As filming begins on this project, the Club de Cuervos star doesn’t even have time to breathe.
There is the premiere of the third season of Narcos: México and the debut of Los Enviados, a series directed by Juan José Campanella.
He will also host the eighth gala of the Platinum Ibero-American Film Awards.
“I have to be the driver. I’m honored, excited, I hope it’s fun, I think we want to laugh, make it fun, not so solemn, laugh at what has happened to us this year, celebrate not only film or television, but life.
“I think that all of us who are going to attend are very different people from those of two years ago,” reflected the protagonist of Nosotros los Nobles.
The Platino will have their party on Sunday, October 3 in Madrid. The Spanish actress Juana Acosta will accompany the Mexican in the conduction.
“Very excited to be driving with Juana. We met a few years ago in Madrid, precisely at the Platinum Awards. We are looking for the tone where we find ourselves in the sense of humor, which is always difficult being from different countries, but we are doing well ”.
Knowing that driving is not his strong suit, the actor trusts that his experience with other similar ceremonies will help him get ahead.
It recognizes, yes, the value that this Ibero-American audiovisual festival has, both for the creators and for the public.
“One of the functions of these awards is to create bridges between the different industries, that Spaniards are more exposed to Mexican cinema, that Argentines see more Spanish series, and that is achieved.
“But they are also awards that allow all of us, as creators, to network, meet people who have other ways of thinking or approach work,” he said.
In this edition of the awards, the most nominated works are the Guatemalan La Llorona, by Jayro Bustamante, and the Colombian El Olvido que Seremos, by Fernando Trueba.

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Will make you laugh with Hart and Wahlberg