Blumhouse prepares film about Mexican who persecuted her daughter’s murderous drug traffickers

Blumhouse prepares film about Mexican who persecuted her daughter’s murderous drug traffickers

Unfortunately, Mexico continues to be mired in violence. No inhabitant of our country would deny the impact of crime and the voracity with which organized crime does its thing with complete impunity, it seems that in any corner of the territory. Now, a shocking case about a real-life Mexican mother who chased her daughter’s killers across the country is coming to the big screen through production company Blumhouse.

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In accordance with Deadline, Blumhouse, who this year triumphed before the pandemic with The Invisible Man – 90% bought the rights to adapt an article by the winning journalist Azam Ahmed titled “She stalked her daughter’s killers across Mexico, one by one”. The chronicle that was published in the newspaper The New York Times follow the chase he did Miriam Rodriguez, the mother of a 20-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered, one of the members of Los Zetas who took her daughter from her.

So far, it is unknown what plans the production company, known for its horror and suspense films, have for the story or how much they will remain faithful to the events that occurred. What is known about Rodríguez’s story has all the elements of a criminal thriller, although the question arises as to how appropriate it would be to take up this real case for a film if it is not approached from a serious perspective.

Rodríguez, 56, faced organized crime for the first time in 2014. In that year, his daughter Karen was kidnapped by members of the Los Zetas cartel. Despite complying with the criminals’ instructions and paying more than one ransom, the young woman was murdered. This, added to the ineffectiveness of the authorities, led the woman from San Fernando, Tamaulipas, to undertake her own investigation to find those responsible.

Ahmed’s chronicle recounts how he adopted various false identities to obtain information on each of those responsible for the kidnapping and murder. She approached, under these alter egos, for which her appearance also changed, to relatives of the perpetrators and thus found the whereabouts of 10 of them, all of whom were arrested thanks to the relentless persecution that she carried out throughout the country . The text opens by narrating how he threatened one of them, near the Texas border, at gunpoint until the authorities arrived to take him into custody.

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As implausible as it sounds, and as devastating as it may be to remember, Rodríguez’s case is just one of thousands of women and men seeking justice for their loved ones who have perished or disappeared as a result of drug-related violence. The cinema of our country has addressed this on numerous occasions. The documentaries The three deaths of Marisela Escobedo – 100%, The Devil’s Freedom – 88%, The keeper of memory, and more recently Without Particular Signs – 100% by Fernanda Valadez are some examples of this.

Valadez’s tape bears a special resemblance to the Rodriguez case. This film tells the fictional story of a woman looking for her son, after he disappears after trying to cross the border. As a detective, we see how the protagonist discovers several clues about what happened with her relative to the indifference of the authorities, more concerned about giving the case a quick folder.

Rodríguez, who had asked the State for protection, was murdered by a group of armed men on May 10, 2017 in her own home. This is suspected to have occurred at the hands of other participants in her daughter’s kidnapping who were aware of her crusade for justice. Will Blumhouse be able to do something worthy of this story, or will it turn to a film that does nothing but exploit the true facts? You just have to wait until you find out.

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Blumhouse prepares film about Mexican who persecuted her daughter’s murderous drug traffickers