Kevin Feige was instrumental in the Doctor Strange chapter in What If …?

In an interview with the editing team of the series, the relevance of Kevin Feige in the last chapter shown has been commented

When we observe the great productions that companies bring us Of entertainment, many times we do not know all the ins and outs behind it, beyond what they want to reveal to us. In the case of the big M there is so many people who make all this possible and there are some with more weight than others when it is not believed that they can be present.

Recently we have been enjoying the most anticipated animated series at Disney + by Marvel fans. What would happen if…? arrived with the premise of showing us stories of the UCM something changed so that we could observe what had happened in that same universe with a few slight changes. Until today we have seen some very interesting changes, but it seems that many have been fascinated by the last of all.

Premiered last Wednesday, September 1, we got the fourth episode of the series, which stars Doctor Strange. The story tries to tell us what would have happened if, without making many spoilers, our hero would not have dedicated his magic to good, but that he had gone down the paths of black magic, due to one reason or another. For many this slight change, with touches so serious and mature, has left a lot of mark, being considered one of the best chapters to date.

For The Direct website it has also been a great chapter and they wanted to interview some members of the editing team for some more personal details about the chapter. Along with this interest in learning more, it seems that they had come across directly a very important detail that marks the importance of Kevin Feige in all the projects of this universe.

Kevin Feige - What if ...?

Both Joel Fisher and Graham Fisher, members of the editing team and interviewed by the medium, have wanted mention the great impact that the president of operations has had. Before the questions, both clarified that Feige’s involvement was enormous and that he made the chapter as good as it has been, being involved from start to finish.

One of the strong points that they highlighted about the president of operations is that pondered and brainstormed all the points, always with a caution and tranquility that makes everyone who is with him feel good. When they were fully trying to tell this story they wanted to capture, it was Kevin Feige himself who asked the scriptwriters to slowly analyze the situation, in order to reach a mutual agreement among all to carry out the chapter.

During the realization, the own president of operations came to comment that they had to go on and on developing this and that they would be in charge of finding an end when the time came, but the situation and the story they were showing was going spectacularly well. The team behind this animation about the UCM was delighted to be able to work with Feige, in addition to having been able to slowly elaborate this chapter that the fans are liking so much.

Kevin Feige - What if ...?

It has been shown on several occasions that Marvel’s president of operations is very engaged with the cause. In addition to that, he is always looking to please everyone and explore all kinds of possibilities, keeping a correct and formal relationship with all its workers. Without a doubt, what if …? It is a great reef for the MCU, Feige knows it and He will try his best to exploit it to the fullest.

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Kevin Feige was instrumental in the Doctor Strange chapter in What If …?