Luis Miguel, the series: premiere date on Netflix and trailer for season 3 | Chronicle

Luis Miguel, the series: premiere date on Netflix and trailer for season 3 |  Chronicle

The “Sol de México” returns to the screen of Netflix for one last installment, season 3 of Luis Miguel: the series, which already has a release date and a new preview. The streaming platform announced the upcoming end of the successful production from its account Twitter and shared the first tralier of the third edition, revealing the chapter of the singer’s life that will be explored in the final episodes.

After the devastating finale of the second season, which saw Michelle Salas (interpreted by Macarena Achaga) disappointed with her father’s actions, the third installment promises to resume the delicate bond between father and daughter. With Diego Boneta back in the leading role, the new chapters will be filled with heartbreak, music and family dysfunction that will hook thousands of fans of the Mexican artist.

When does “Luis Miguel: the series” season 3 premiere?

The first day of September, Netflix released a notice to his followers of Twitter anticipating a message about the final season of the well-known series. Indeed, on the 2nd of the current month the release date of the third edition was known, which will be arriving on the platform Thursday, October 28, 2021.

The announcement was accompanied by the first look at the final season, published in YouTube the same day. The short clip, of just 47 seconds, surpassed 5,000 views, 1,500 likes and 150 comments in less than two hours.

Luis Miguel: the series returns for the last time. Discover the promise that Luisito Rey made to Micky, the new romance del Sol and a taste of the music that we will hear in the final season. Are you ready to sing? See you on October 28!“, wrote Netflix Latin America in the description of the video.

Cast and new characters of Luis Miguel: the series

The great news that the trailer brings is the new love affair of the Mexican singer that will be explored in the last season: as confirmed by the trailer, in this new part of the story of Luis Miguel we will see how was the romance he had with Mariah Carey, the renowned American singer. The relationship between the two great musical stars lasted three years and it was very mediatic.

Maria Carey and Luis Miguel met in 1998, shortly after the divorce of the singer and her first husband.

In the images, which were quickly leaked on social networks, it is observed how Luis Miguel is in one of the most remembered concerts of his career dressed as a mariachi and in the background he sounds “La Bikina“. Then you listen to Diego Boneta answering a call from the pop star.

The role of Carey will be played by the English singer Jade Ewen, who was part of the musical group Sugababes and represented the United Kingdom in The Song Festival of Eurovision in the 2009 edition. In addition, other actors are added such as Mauricio Abad, Miguel Rodarte and Antonio Mauri to a production in which they already participate Alejandra Ambrosi, Carlos Ponce placeholder image, Sebastian Zurita and Plutarch Haza, among others.


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Luis Miguel, the series: premiere date on Netflix and trailer for season 3 | Chronicle