Promising Young Woman: a revenge story that takes the screen in pastel tones | nczg | CULTURE

Promising Young Woman: a revenge story that takes the screen in pastel tones |  nczg |  CULTURE

The film Promising Young Woman uses suspense and black humor to present a story of revenge, following a sexual assault that has gone unpunished. In addition, this film (whose title has been translated into Spanish as A promising young woman or, also, Beautiful revenge), directed and written by the filmmaker and actress Emerald Fennell, provides a critical look at the systematic machismo in society and how it generates long-term wounds.

This production, which has five Oscar Award nominations, including Best Film and Best Direction, tells the story of Cassie (Carey Mulligan), a young woman who, after a traumatic event in her environment, leaves the university and puts forth her promising plans life on hiatus. While she spends her days working in a coffee shop, at night she goes to the bars to pretend to be drunk and wait for some man to try to take her home. To those who try to take advantage of their apparent vulnerability, he gives a lesson and adds them to his list of “victims.”

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The director explained that this film reflects the culture of ‘hook-ups’ or casual sexual encounters, in which women are seen as a trophy that must be conquered and then exhibited. She, as she stated in an interview with BBC News, puts the spotlight on this problem that has not yet been repudiated enough. The story also addresses this “soft coercion” that often occurs in relationships and is not approached with the seriousness that is required.

“For many men, I think (the movie) has been deeply uncomfortable, because they have realized that, perhaps, there have been times when they have not had enough empathy to think about what the other person might be experiencing” Fennell explained.

Directed by Emerald Fennell and starring Carey Mulligan. This film tells the story of Cassie, a young woman who has a bright future that is cut short. (Photo: FilmNation Entertainment)

Smart and bright

Despite the harshness of the subject it addresses, Promising Young Woman does not seek to be a political film “against men” nor does it allow itself to fall into melodrama and total darkness. The violent plot also ties up moments of comedy and romance that are combined with a photograph, for many moments, bright and that takes advantage of soft, pastel and even childish tones.

Fennell told Vogue Spain that he did not want Cassie to be defined only by suffering. “Just because a problem is consuming you doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and funny too,” she said.

This upbeat nuance is also achieved with its powerful soundtrack, composed mostly of female artists. From the cheesy and festive to the electronic orchestral, this handful of compositions give scenes the necessary luminosity so that the powerful plot of Promising Young Woman is not overshadowed by the bleak and regrettable reality it denounces.


  • Promising Young Woman is also among the Oscar nominees for Best Editing. Britain’s Emerald Fennell is nominated for Best Direction and Best Original Screenplay.
  • The leading lady Carey Mulligan is nominated for Best Actress. In 2009, she was also an Oscar nominee for her role in An Education. That year he won the BAFTA Award for that role.
  • Promising Young Woman is available through the movie rental service of the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video




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Promising Young Woman: a revenge story that takes the screen in pastel tones | nczg | CULTURE