Reebok And Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration – We’re Not Niggies

Reebok And Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration – We’re Not Niggies
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A collaboration that began to form 65 million years ago between Reebok x Jurassic Park, a collection of sneakers and apparel for the whole family, is revealed

Reebok and Universal Brand Development officially reveal their Reebok x Jurassic Park collection which includes pieces for the whole family.

This collection refreshes some of Reebok’s most popular models, from the perspective of the iconic 1993 film from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

Reebok and Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration

In addition to unveiling the entire collection, Reebok and Universal released a parody feature featuring a more detailed look at the ‘Reebok x Jurassic Park’ collaboration. With this breaking scoop HERE, we unveil the partnership between Reebok and InGen (the fictional bioengineering corporation responsible for recreating dinosaurs in the original Jurassic Park movie) and how the two companies combined the DNA of tennis and of dinosaurs to create this stunning collaboration that began to form 65 million years ago.

Each model in the Reebok x Jurassic Park collection pays tribute to the film’s main characters and most iconic scenes. All silhouettes are designed with fans of the franchise in mind, including key details from the sole to the insoles. Next, we tell you a little more about this amazing collection:

● Instapump Fury OG – Inspired by the iconic vehicles used by visitors to Jurassic Park, these Instapump Fury come with a liner that resembles the seats of SUVs, which is highlighted with an impressive graphic similar to that seen on SUVs. the movie. To complete the look, the sneakers feature the official Jurassic Park logo on the legendary valve pump, a detail fans are going to love. Available in sizes for adults and children.

● Club C 85 – The friendly Dennis Nedry leaves his mark on these classic Club C, as they include details such as a floral print that reminds us of his colorful Hawaiian shirt, likewise on the heel we see a bit of pony hair with a pattern of zebra stripes, this in reference to Nedry’s computer screensaver. The sneakers also feature a bright yellow tongue made from the plastic from which rain raincoats are made, in homage to Nedry’s failed attempt to escape the island with the stolen dinosaur embryos.

● Club C 85– Inspired by Dr. Alan Grant, for which it is covered with a thin layer of khaki suede, inside we see a beautiful red bandana lining and the blue sole, simulating the denim of his pants. Both insoles match the sole, but the right insole has a velociraptor claw graphic. Available in sizes for adults, children, toddlers and babies.

● Classic Leather – This silhouette pays tribute to Dr. Ian Malcolm’s fascination with chaos theory, for which they have the peculiarity of being simple and chaotic at the same time. On the chaotic side we feature an eye-catching Ian Malcolm style filled with textures, patterns, and colors, ranging from flowers to wild details like a saber-toothed tiger. While the other side shows us the Jurassic Park logo and a gem-shaped brooch as a nod to the necklace worn by Dr. Malcom.

● Zig Devil Kinetica– The sporty and contemporary styling of the Zig Kinetica II was redesigned to match park employee SUVs, featuring a green-toned thermal pattern. On the leather tongue we see details that refer to the rear view mirror of the vehicles, as well as the electric fence. The midsole features light splashes that represent high-speed chases through the mud.

Reebok and Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration 2
Reebok and Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration

● Club C Legacy – These Club C Legacy pay tribute to the fun and educational Mr. DNA, who is this animated character who explains the process of recreating the DNA of dinosaurs. The translucent TPU sole of the silhouette is perfect to show a DNA chain, which is the logo of this character and that can be seen on the left side, while on the right
we look at a graphic of a mosquito. The final touch for these Club C Legacy is the ankle collar where we see a design that reminds us of a broken egg.

● Jurassic Stomper – Made of leather and neoprene, the Jurassic Stomper is tough enough to take on anything InGen employees might find out there. These sneakers are inspired by the uniforms of InGen employees, for this reason it includes patches that you can exchange depending on the division you belong to within this questionable and somewhat malicious corporation.

● Pump Omni Zone II – After mixing the DNA of dinosaurs and sneakers, Reebok succeeded in creating a pair that began forming 65 million years ago: the Pump Omni Zone II. Inspired by the carnivorous Dilophosaurus; These kicks have a modern design covered with a graphic that simulates the skin of dinosaurs, which rests on a soft nubuck upper with touches of malleable leather.

Reebok and Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration 3
Reebok and Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration

As a final touch to reebok, some pairs feature amazing packaging, as their boxes resemble the original packaging of Jurassic Park toys from 1993 or are based on themes from the movie such as Nedry’s unforgettable can of shaving cream, the cages. and locks used in the park to contain dinosaurs and even Mr. DNA.

The Reebok x Jurassic Park clothing and tennis collection will be available at select outlets 99 Problems, Alive, Laces, Soul, Two Feet Undr, Innvictus, Liverpool, Dpstreet, TAF, Stax and in unisex sizes, starting at July 30.

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Reebok And Jurassic Park Announce Tremendous Collaboration – We’re Not Niggies