Samsung TV Plus offers more than 50 channels

Samsung TV Plus offers more than 50 channels

Samsung Tv Plus makes the leap from the brand’s Smart TVs to its Galaxy mobiles with Android: the application is now available in Spain. With it, it is possible to watch live more than fifty channels with news, entertainment, content aimed at children and much more. All for free.

Watching TV on your mobile is relatively common, not in vain your phone lets you enjoy content anywhere thanks to ever-looser rates in gigabytes (even unlimited, a real advantage for streaming). We have payment platforms at our fingertips, although we can also watch DTT for free, even without installing applications. And Samsung proposes one more way to its smartphone customers: Samsung Tv Plus. It is worth a look.

Good quality live television and totally free

As we said, Samsung Tv Plus offers more than fifty channels on various topics. They are sufficiently varied, include quality content, most of this content is dubbed into Spanish (some broadcast in Latin Spanish and also only in English), There is no cost to owners of a Samsung Galaxy and all you have to do is access the application download. It is found in the official applications.

Nine applications to watch TV for free on an Android mobile

Samsung Tv Plus makes the leap from the manufacturer’s televisions to its phones after the app began its mobile distribution in certain territories. From now on is now available in Spain and without limitations.

The operation of Samsung Tv Plus is as expected, at least according to our tests (we have performed them on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in both WiFi and 4G). Seamless streaming with up to 1080p, the app is compatible with Google Chromecast, offers floating window playback (PIP) and even allows you to order the grill according to the tastes of each person. Yes indeed, there is only live broadcast, it is not possible to play content already broadcast (or download it).

The categories and channels currently available on the streaming platform are the following:

  • News. Euronews y Bloomberg TV.
  • Entertainment. Detectives, Big name, Fail army, The pet collective, Spotlight, People are awesome, Comedia made in Spain, MTV originals, MTV Catfish, MTV Cribs, Pluto TV Mundo real, Los asesinatos de Midsomer, Las reglas del juego, ¡Hola! Play y Unearth.
  • Sports and outdoors. MMATV, MySurf, Insight TV, Motorvision y Fuel TV.
  • Lifestyle. Fashion TV Global, Pluto TV cocina y Tastemade.
  • Childish. Planeta Junior, Pluto TV Kids, Pluto TV Animakids, SpongeBob, Caillou, DuckTV and El patio TV.
  • Films. Comedies, Pluto TV stellar cinema, TV seat, Verdi TV cinemas, Feel good cinema,, Runtime, Dark Matter TV, MyTime Movie Network, Family, Dramas and Action.
  • Song. VEVO Pop, Moods, Deluxe Lounge HD, Qwest TV Mix, Qwest TV Classical, Qwest TV jazz and beyond y Clubbing TV.
Samsung Tv Plus

Samsung Tv Plus is adding channels from time to time, so the list is not final. Currently the content broadcast covers a varied selection of themes and offers instant playback, just by clicking on the channel. The application includes information on what is currently playing and also what is coming next, but does not have the programming for the next days (EPG).

Samsung Tv Plus

The app is already available in mobile application stores. It is free, does not include subscriptions and is valid only for Samsung mobiles. A user account is required.

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus

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Samsung TV Plus offers more than 50 channels