Shang-Chi has not yet released in China and that could mean a risk for its worldwide box office.

Shang-Chi has not yet released in China and that could mean a risk for its worldwide box office.

Until today the response that Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings have had – 95% has exceeded Marvel Studios’ own expectations, both critics and the public have been enthusiastic about the result, the handling of a new culture within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a protagonist who did not have any kind of introduction in the productions previous.

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Although some have accepted that its plot is quite basic and common among these types of films, what has been most applauded is the development of each of the characters, but, above all, the fight scenes that put the suits aside. special powers, powers of the gods or superhuman strength to give prominence to martial arts, which have had an important place in the history of cinema.

Without a doubt, the impact that the film of[ entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”19821″][Director] Destin Daniel Cretton[/entity_embed] it marks an important path for the Chinese public, mainly those who live in other countries. Being the first major Disney film to have an exclusive theatrical release during the pandemic, it is clear that its revenue will be very different from Black Widow’s – 87%, and has even begun to exceed the numbers that were speculated for its opening weekend.

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However, not everything is honey on flakes for the film starring Simu Liu, despite its good reception so far, it is at risk of not reaching such an important collection at the global box office. According to what it reports Movie Web, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings It has not yet been released in China, one of the most important countries for world counts after the United States and Canada, especially when it comes to a Marvel Studios movie.

According to the report, the reason why the country has not wanted to release the film, despite bringing Chinese culture with a Chinese protagonist to the powerful franchise, is because of the conflicts that the comic generated years ago. And it is that the series of Shang-Chi numbers were written from the American perspective with many stereotypes considered racial. Kevin Feige, for his part, has insisted that the script of the film went through an important process of treatments to avoid making mistakes in terms of social and cultural representation, but the country has not yet authorized the premiere.

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Even though this will be a major hit to the film’s worldwide revenue, it still has the advantage that it will only screen in theaters for 45 days before hitting Disney Plus, plus it is expected to break a record, or at least closer, as for the premieres made on the weekend of Labor Day. It should be mentioned that Shang-Chi is not the only one who will face restrictions from the Chinese government.

The MCU film that will follow after this is Eternals, but in this case the ban on the film would be by its director Chloé Zhao. Nomadland’s screenings were canceled earlier this year – 100% in her native country after old interviews resurfaced in which the director spoke negatively about the Chinese government, so she became persona non grata and was singled out by many as a traitor shortly after she became the first Chinese filmmaker in win various awards including the Golden Globe, the Golden Lion and the Oscar.

So far, the next MCU movie that does achieve its premiere in that country is expected to be Spider-Man: No Road Home.


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Shang-Chi has not yet released in China and that could mean a risk for its worldwide box office.