The bumpy filming of ‘Night and Day’ by Tom Cruise in Spain

The bumpy filming of ‘Night and Day’ by Tom Cruise in Spain

Ten years have passed since the movie Night and day premiered in our country. One of those stories of action and romance ideal to spend some time entertaining and little else. Their protagonists, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz They visited Spain and promoted their work in Seville just a decade ago. They enjoyed the sun and the tapas and showed sympathy in the interviews. But what few know is that one of the most important parts of the tape recorded in Andalusia almost costs them a dislike and, why not say it, the lives of some of the passers-by who witnessed this moment.

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It turns out that the bulls that run through the streets of Cádiz in one of the most famous scenes escaped from the pens and a good one was put together. The matter even appeared on the news, thank goodness that everything was an anecdote and the professionals were able to control the animals that were upset with the visit of these great Hollywood stars.

The North American blockbuster premiered in Seville in 2010 and did so in style, with a red carpet and Cruise and Diaz in the spotlight. The couple of actors, who were working together again ten years after Vanilla Sky, gave laughter, anecdotes and good times during the promotional tour, as well as interviews in the salutary city of Torre del Oro. The production of James Mangold’s film chose this Spanish corner to present its story, as it had scenes shot right there. Despite the promotion and the stature of its stars, Night and day It was among the worst-received films by audiences and critics in Tom Cruise’s career, reaping little more than production and marketing expenses (the film cost 105 million euros ($ 117 million) and recovered 235 million ($ 261 million), but at this profit we must disconnect the promotional expenses that usually equal those of the production budget).

In Spain, they did not like at all that they screwed up at the level of geography and national traditions when transferring the Sanfermines to Andalusia, instead of centering the plot in Pamplona if they wanted to use the local festival as a stage. Things were a bit shabby for those of us from here, although the rest of the world didn’t even notice.

The famous scene of the couple getting shot from a motorcycle on an Andalusian street left us crazy. But let it be clear that everything was rigged, the real brave people who did those pirouettes and juggling were their doubles. The motorcyclists are supposed to dodge the brave bulls that took to the streets of Seville but in reality they were never together, the magic of computer programs and special effects united them in the same sequence.

Before filming everything had to be perfect. The animals were located in Cádiz and there they waited days before overproduction began. One of them seems to have not had enough patience and a few days after recording he left the group to have a good roll on Barrié Street. It seems that his group mates were envious and followed him without being able to be controlled by the animal keepers. The bullfighters walked freely through the streets of the city under the watchful and terrified gaze of the citizens who shouted from the balconies.

The scare was of great dimensions but fortunately everything was an anecdote and, most importantly, there were no victims or damages. Judging by the images, the poor animals were more afraid than the rest and started running after hearing the screams and screams. The seven ‘friends’ ended up on the beach where the authorities and special security teams were in charge of putting them in the trucks to return them to the place where they had escaped.

According to the Associated Press agency, which then reported on this curious spectacle, no one could guess how the nose got out of place. The event itself is remembered today as an anecdote from the filming but it meant a delay of a few days until tempers calmed down. and control the situation that, at that time, was quite an event.

The bulls returned home and the film brought us back to Tom Cruise in these parts, this time without Penelope Cruz but with his then wife, Katie Holmes and the mother of his daughter Suri, who were the couple of the moment in Hollywood. The visit of the protagonist of Mission Impossible Not even the Duchess of Alba, who proclaimed herself a fan of the actor, did not miss one of his films. The good vibes between the two were such that the following year, in 2011, when he came to Madrid to present his new film Ghost protocol, there was the woman at the foot of the canyon and in the first row.

But going back to Night and day, the subject that occupies us, in the end, the dangerous romance between Diaz and Cruise in fiction, gave rise to a most pleasant stay of both in Spanish lands full of encounters and laughter that overshadowed the unpleasant incident of the getaway of the Bulls. The couple of actors had a special complicity that had been born years ago in the film Vanilla Sky, the story based on the famous script by Alejandro Amenábar, Open your eyes. It was in that shoot where the protagonist of Top Gun He fell in love with the Spanish beauty of our Pe and our land, to which he has always returned and dedicated a good deal of compliments.

It seems that his new geographical area to conquer will be the International Space Station, a place that could become his next filming studio for his next project. The protagonist of Risky Business and the administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, are already approaching positions on the matter and everything indicates that it will be their new cinematographic adventure. How to resist Tom’s requests?

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The bumpy filming of ‘Night and Day’ by Tom Cruise in Spain