The Owl remembers the artists who fell into alcohol: Macauley Culkin and Robert Downey Jr. | OPINION

This Owl was amazed when he looked at the shocking images of how the children of the Ayacucho actress Magaly Solier lived. What you see in the photos is quite deplorable, everything is messy, there are remains of food, empty beer bottles, it is a really abandoned place and in the middle of that dirt the children slept. Erick Mendoza, the father of two of his children, presented the evidence to the authorities specifying that the actress has serious problems with alcohol and physically and psychologically abused children, for which a prosecutorial mandate granted him custody of the children. The actress, crying, denies that she is an alcoholic and has exercised violence against minors, but the evidence is clear. It seems obvious that you need psychiatric help to overcome a disease that can destroy a human being and his family environment.

Here I present some of the most representative cases of those Hollywood stars that ended up crashed with the sad and brutal reality.

GARY ‘ARNOLD’ COLEMAN: The little hero of the unforgettable series ‘Black and white’. The morochito had already passed the age of 10 when he played a six-year-old boy, who was adopted with his brother in a white family in an elegant neighborhood in New York! Stunted from growing by kidney disease, Gary became popular around the world, earning $ 70,000 per episode. Famous for his phrase ‘What are you talking about Willis?’, At the end of the series he could not get roles in Hollywood and ended up filing for bankruptcy. He prosecuted his parents for fraud for three million dollars, accusing them of having exploited him. He went to jail several times for beating his wife and fans who asked for autographs. He died suspiciously after a fall that left him unconscious. His wife, instead of waiting for him to recover, ordered that the artificial respirator be turned off. ‘Arnold’ slept with the enemy.

MACAULAY ‘ANGELITO’ CULKIN: The spoiled child protagonist of the hilarious ‘Home alone’ (My poor little angel), who gave his own medicine to the thieves who broke into his house, ended very badly. An actor since he was 4 years old, he became a billionaire with the two parts of the movie of the devilish angel. Later he consolidated his fame with the film ‘Richie Rich’ (Ricky Ricón). That’s how he was in real life, a rich kid. But he made the mistake of sneaking into Michael Jackson’s ranch, ‘Neverland’. He was even a witness in the rape trial that followed ‘Jacko’ before his death. After the age of 14 it was difficult for him to get papers. He took up drugs and antidepressant pills. Until he was caught driving drunk and with pills and 20 grams of marijuana, for which he was booked and jailed. The policemen gave him the alias ‘My poor little devil’. Today, at 41, he seems to have put his troubled past behind him, and is back to work.

Actor Macaulay Culkin had many problems with alcohol and drugs. (Agencies)

‘IRON MAN’ AND ‘EL FIGHTER’: Some recovered after having fallen into the depths, such as Robert Downey Jr. or Mickey Rourke, who the studios banned for years, because he used to arrive at the filming with his friends from the bloody gang ‘The Hell’s Angels’ (Angeles del hell), dreaded Harley-Davidson motorcyclists. They managed to heal and return to Hollywood, which welcomed them as prodigals because it considered that they could still have blockbusters. Starring in ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ changed Downey Jr.’s life.

For his part, Rourke was nominated for an Oscar for the first time in his life after playing in ‘The Wrestler’ a cachascán fighter in the sad twilight of his career, who steps into the ring because it is the only thing he knows how to do. Actors, in Hollywood, are just nuts that can be changed at any time. So mourn the millions of fans who enjoyed his work and admired his films.

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The Owl remembers the artists who fell into alcohol: Macauley Culkin and Robert Downey Jr. | OPINION