The sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond in ‘Legends of passion’

The sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond in ‘Legends of passion’

There are images that remain forever etched on the retina. For example, that of Brad Pitt and his long blonde hair in Edward Zwick’s historical drama, Passion legends. More than a quarter of a century has passed since its premiere and it continues to be among the actor’s most remembered. Not even his sexy looks or bad boy image in previous tapes like Interview with a vampire and Thelma y Louis They have taken power away from this character taken from the famous novel by Jim Morrison. We believe that part of the fault is she, Julia Ormond, her co-star and fiery scenes with whom it is said that there was high sexual tension not quite resolved.

Julia Ormond and Brad Pitt in Legends of Passion. (© 1994 TriStar Pictures, Inc.)

It was dropped by Pitt himself at the time in an interview. He and the beautiful British actress had to share a house during the filming, one thing led to another and sparks flew without reaching the short circuit. “This added sexual tension. I leave it there“Naughty expressed the winner of a Golden Globe for Once upon a time in hollywood about living together under the same roof. Although it does not confirm if the thing reached more, a few words to a good understanding. Both were young, handsome, talented and with a promising future in the seventh art, so all the conditions were in place to live a story just as passionate as in the film, which won the golden statuette for Best Cinematography. .

Like everything in life, there are always two versions of events. This was Pitt’s, but what does Ormond have to say about it? During an interview with The Telegraph They asked him about his fictional kisses with Jennifer Aniston’s ex, and his answer confirms the obvious, the Pitt-Ormond formula surpassed all the laws of physics and chemistry. “To pick the mouth”he replied between laughs. It is useless to deny that the connection between them crossed the screen and the romance between Tristan and Susannah hit the mark.

A lot of chemistry yes, but romance, nothing at all. At least that’s what Julia implies. The fire of passion existed but was reduced to the scenes. Now jokes aside, the protagonist of Sabrina He confessed that there was a very good vibes with Pitt, a lot, but more of family than anything else. “It was more of a sibling relationship where we were like, ‘Hey, can you cry on Tuesday? I already cried a lot in the previous scene and I have to do it again in spurts in the one after ‘. To which he replied: ‘I have cried my eyes out and I have taken off my shirt.’ It was hilarious”Recalls the 55-year-old interpreter.

Regarding his acting skills, Julia is more loose and affirms that he is one of the best. He didn’t say so then, he has said so more recently in an interview with the Hufftington Post. “Brad is a terrific actor, he’s very intuitive. On set he reminded me a bit of a horse race where he won’t run, he stays in his box when the doors open, and if he doesn’t feel like he should, he doesn’t”, He explained. The handsome thing for her goes to the background, what fascinates her most about him is how this sexy star label has not clouded her view or subtracted an iota of her talent. “For me it was fascinating to see that this character actor was resistant to all that but at the same time he was so aware of what was expected of him … He is smart enough to know who he is and is very comfortable in his own skin“, said.

If yours materialized to another level and behind the clapperboard it will remain a mystery. What is undeniable is that mutual admiration and respect exists, together they were a time bomb and they made us live a movie romance, never better said. The ingredients accompanied. Nothing less than the figure of the first actor Anthony Hopkins as the father of the wild Tristan and some dream places added nostalgia, romance and, why not say it, more fuel to the fire.

The film marked a ‘more of the same’ in Ormond’s career. According to the actress herself, her roles in the 90s were always reduced to being between two loves. That was what happened to him in his later jobs under the monopolizing sky of this industry called Hollywood. First with Sabrina alongside a classic actor named Harrison Ford, and later with The first knight, where his heart was once again torn between two tall men, Richard Gere and Sean Connery. Difficult decision, really.

Which for many would have been fortunate, she was not so amused no matter how much Pitt, Gere or Ford have their last names. From there he was a little out of sight. This of the flashes, the sequins and the chase of the paparazzi they did not go with her, so she dedicated herself to a less commercial cinema that took us away from that candid and angelic face so nineties. It did not disappear completely but it did focus more on the theater and was more selective in its roles. We saw it, among other titles, in Inland empire (2006), That (2008) and The curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), a tape in which, curiously, he again coincided with Brad Pitt, although this time without kisses

Almost fifteen years after their first meeting, both had cut their long manes and their careers had taken different directions. Her in a lower profile. He, absolutely the opposite. In addition to becoming the sexiest man according to the magazine PeopleHe also had time to marry Jennifer Aniston, divorce her, marry Angelina Jolie and also separate. Not to mention the large family he created with the protagonist of Lara Croft.

And what about his career. Brad is one of this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Actor for Quentin Tarantino’s film in which he brings out all his talent. His physical attractiveness remains the topic of conversation almost three decades after Passion legends, something that the 56-year-old actor does not seem to lose sleep over. On February 9, you could take your first golden statuette and give us your seductive smile, two very good news that we hope to tell and show.

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The sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond in ‘Legends of passion’